Tyreek Hill Hit With TWO New Paternity Suits; HBO’s Hard-Knocks Bout To Get Juicy


An Uncle Rico Production:

I told y’all. I done told y’all. A cheetah can’t change its spots, and this “Cheetah” ain’t no different.

Time after time, the NFL & its fans have been making excuses for Tyreek Hill; a known domestic abuser & wannabe King Ding-A-Ling, and a complete f@ggin’ scumbag.

“Oh, he’s changed, Rico.”

“That was in college, Rico.”

“He didn’t mean to break his son’s arm, Rico.”

“He’s finally settling down, Rico.”

Shame on you for buying his schtick.

I smelled something fishy when his secret, rushed marriage to Kenny Vaccaro’s sister was highlighted on HBO’s “Hard Knocks: In-Season”; an “as it happens” documentary following the playoff push of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. All of a sudden, this man wants to be a role model? Now, he want to act grown?

Tyreek Hill

Uh-uh. I ain’t buyin’ it.

And sure enough, Tyreek Hill did not disappoint in disappointing.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver, known for his exceptional speed, nicknamed “Cheetah,” is now facing more legal challenges off the field. The NFL star, who is having a historic offensive season & a candidate for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, is currently involved in not one, but TWO new paternity lawsuits in Florida, where women are seeking child support.

One of the women, a previous partner of the 29-year-old athlete, has criticized Hill for offering a monthly child support of $2,500 for their son, born in February. She considers this amount insufficient, given Hill’s extravagant annual salary of $30 million. Another woman has accused Hill of being a dead-beat dad, showing little concern for their six-month-old daughter.

Thirsty influencer Brittany Lackner, one of Hill’s more recent partners who has over 30K followers on her travelwithbrittany TikTok account, came forward earlier this year with allegations that Hill was her baby daddy. She so eloquently did this by posting pregnant pictures of herself with a “#10-Hill” Dolphin’s onesie. Afterwards, she claimed the two slapped-skin in Florida about a year before, and was soon expecting to give birth to their lovechild child. 

Tyreek Hill

Naturally, after the birth of their child Soul Corazon Hill on February 7, Hill demanded a second DNA test, according to Lackner. After the test came up aces for Lackner, then, and only then, did Hill agree to provide $2,500 monthly for child support. 

Believing she hit the lottery, Lackner filed a lawsuit in Broward County, asserting that the prenatal paternity test had already confirmed Hill’s paternity with over 99.9% certainty.

Hill, who recently married his long-time-ish (in “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” years) fiancée Keeta Vaccaro, faces the possibility of increased child support payments if the plaintiffs succeed in their cases. This would be in addition to the $13,500 he currently pays monthly for the three children he shares with his former partner, Crystal Espinal.

Dude is challenging Antonio Cromartie for the most seed sown during his playing days

On the field, Hill is having an exceptional season with the Dolphins, amassing 1,542 yards and 12 touchdowns in just a dozen games. His performance puts him on track to potentially be the first NFL player to achieve 2,000 receiving yards in a season. 

However, his past issues, including a guilty plea to domestic assault in 2015 and a suspension over alleged child abuse allegations in 2019, could impact his MVP candidacy.

I’m kidding. They absolutely won’t because the NFL is run by idiots & sycophants. 

Why Hill been cool but Ray Rice gets blacklisted, I’ll never understand. Is the pain & abuse caused, at the moment of an attack, more painful if a video of the attack exists; one that the public gets to see?

Tyreek Hill

In May, Kimberly Baker, 29, came into the spotlight, alleging that a paternity test would confirm that NFL star Tyreek Hill is the father of her newborn daughter, Trae Love Hill. The liaison reportedly occurred in August 2022. Court documents from Broward County indicate that Baker has been receiving a monthly child support payment of $2,500 from Hill. However, she claims the actual cost of caring for their daughter is approximately $10,000 per month.

Hill has acknowledged paternity based on DNA evidence but has sought to dismiss the lawsuit. His argument hinges on Baker’s residency in Los Angeles, which he claims invalidates the grounds for a paternity suit in Florida. Kimberly Baker’s lawyer clapped back:

“Before an unmarried father may be accorded standing to assert an interest in parental responsibility and/or timesharing, he must demonstrate that he has manifested substantial concern for the welfare of the child. The Father has in fact demonstrated utter and abject unconcern for the child in wholly failing to act as a parent and is completely failing to support the child.”

-Lawyer to Kimberly Baker

Both paternity cases involving Hill are still unresolved.

Hill’s personal life has seen significant developments recently. He became engaged to wellness entrepreneur Keeta Vaccaro, sister of former New Orleans Saints first-rounder Kenny Vaccaro, in July 2021. The couple married on November 8 during the Dolphins’ bye week, which wasn’t sketch at all. Shotgun weddings famous people never are.

Before that (hard to keep up with all these women), Hill was engaged to Crystal Espinal. Their relationship ended after an investigation in 2019 concerning an injury to their eldest son at their home in Kansas, where Hill “allegedly” broke their son’s arm.

Following this incident, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe stated that while a crime likely occurred, there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

How, not shocking.

A controversy unfolded when local radio station KCTV released an audio recording from an airport in Dubai, purportedly capturing a confrontation between Hill and Espinal regarding the welfare of their child. Hill was heard in the recording threatening Espinal. Espinal pleaded with Hill that the boy ‘is terrified’ of him, to which enraged abuser (with a track record of violence towards the women he’s sleeping with) responded: 

“You need to be terrified of me, too, b***h.”

In a moment of pure publicist-directed clean-up, Hill would later express regret for his language & the threats he made toward Espinal during their conversation. 

And just like that, everything was all better.

Despite these challenges, Hill has tried to rebrand his image by he & new-wife Keeta Vaccaro painting an image of him as a doting husband & loving father on the currently streaming sports documentary HBO’s “Hard Knocks, In-Season: Miami Dolphins”. Hill goes out of his way to portray himself as a dedicated family man &  lover of only one woman at a time. And the NFL world has been lapping it up.

In a recent episode of his podcast “It Needed To Be Said,” he revealed plans to leave his estimated $40 million fortune to his four-year-old daughter, Nyla, praising her exceptional qualities compared to his other children. His decision reflects a deep personal commitment to his daughter’s future.

*Cue the violins*

How touching.

Now, I’m not cheering against this man. Far from it. What I am against is people being ultra-willing to forgive & forget past egregious behavior of celebrities & habitual liars in minutes & days; choosing instead to make excuses for their bad behavior. If you lie to me, it’s gonna take you some time & sweat-equity to earn that trust back. 

I’ve been on the opposite side, and understand that forgiveness is on the victim’s time, not mine. A habit takes more than a few weeks to form; it takes 66 days, to be exact. But trust is different, especially when it comes to pathological liars. I need years before I stop taking what you say with a grain of salt.

So, Tyreek, you want me to not think of you as human garbage? Show me a couple years (not in front of a camera or on social media) strung together of you being all that you’re claiming to be now. Then we can talk.

How many years until Tyreek Hill has another domestic violence accusation thrown at him?

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Tyreek Hill

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