The Miseducation of Florida State

By Ron Johnson

So we are two weeks removed from the last CFP Semifinal Reveal, and even after two weeks, Florida State is still acting very salty about being left out of the party. In fact, they are so salty, that even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to push to have a million dollars put the side for the school to file a lawsuit against the CFP Committee. 

It is because of this, that Florida State needs to hear this: Shut up and Get Over It.

Let’s keep it real. There was no chance that Florida State was going to beat ANY of the four teams selected. In fact, there is a good chance that Bobby Bowden’s worst nightmare could have come true if they got in regardless. Oklahoma beat Texas, and Texas beat Alabama. But you don’t see Oklahoma screaming from the mountaintops about being dubbed uncrowned runner ups. Georgia lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship, and the Committee could have easily put them in along with Alabama.

The only two that showed any true grit were Michigan and Washington. The other two slots were shown because the ACC is considered a soft conference. As much as Florida State wants to be salty, they barely won the ACC Championship Game against Louisville. 

The very fact that the Seminoles are whining and complaining makes me wonder about the true fortitude of the university as a whole. To have DeSantis and AG Ashley Moody start trying to flex their weak political muscles in order to find some loophole that doesn’t exist is laughable. You telling me that they are so much a bunch of sore losers that they want to launch an investigation like it’s a presidential election? 

Florida State

Central Florida finished undefeated a few years ago and didn’t get an invite to the National Championship Game. But rather than go nuts and channel their inner Karen, they just dubbed themselves uncrowned champions. What will happen when Georgia defeats the ‘mighty’ Seminoles? Will they magically drop their investigation?

When Florida State sent their demand for information to the Committee, it didn’t take long for the CFP executive director to consider the demand hilarious and rather sad. In a statement to ESPN, Hancock stated that the demand “seems to be an overly aggressive reaction to a college football ranking in which some fans somewhere were bound to be disappointed.” But if Florida State is trying to understand why they are not in, please point out which of the top four are going into the Semifinals without their quarterback and with a massive injury bug that seems to be plaguing that position.

Go ahead. I’ll wait. 

CFP Committee Chair Boo Corrigan pointed this out during the explanation of why FSU isn’t in. He stated that the injury to starting quarterback Jordan Travis was one of the key factors in their omission. But again, trying to explain this to a group of whiny and salty fans is ridiculous. Moody already is trying to blame the SEC for the fact that Florida State isn’t in the show. But did Florida State not get to a bowl game? They actually are slated to play Georgia in the Capital One Orange Bowl, or ‘The Snub Bowl’ as Floridians and Seminoles alumni are calling it. But again, what if they don’t win that game and suffer that elusive loss. 

Florida State

If you were to watch that ACC Championship Game, you would have thought that Louisville was better than advertised. Yet, with a few weeks until the game, many are speculating that Florida State is boycotting the bowl. They do realize that a boycott means a loss, right? That would mean all these temper tantrums would have been for nothing. In fact, let me know if Kirby Smart is raising a stink about being left out of the CFP after not being able to extend Georgia’s 29-game winning streak. 

Here is what it boils down to: Texas dominated Oklahoma State to win their last Big 12 Championship. Alabama continued its own dominance over Georgia in SEC Championship fashion by staving off the comeback. Florida State utilized its defense to survive Louisville (who lost to Kentucky the week prior).

But of course, you cannot explain this to the Seminoles. In fact, you cannot explain this to their legislators either. They just assume that what they say is right, and everyone else is wrong. Allow me to give the spoiler alert for everyone in Tallahassee: Your team may have been good, but they clearly were not good enough to impress the CFP who chose to take two teams who showed consistency throughout the season.

And the Auburn game? Well that gets thrown out the window the moment you realize that the Seminoles were trailing North Alabama before Travis’ injury, had a headache against the Gators and barely showed up against Louisville. And this was their last three games. Their gripe is not about being left out; In fact, their gripe is that anyone would dare keep them out of the CFP because they felt like they earned it by winning their conference (not in the rules), finishing undefeated (not in the rules either) and supposedly being the best team in the country (have they not seen Washington and Michigan???)

The Florida State Seminoles can just do what Central Florida did a few years back, and IF they are able to get by Georgia, they can have the title of ‘Uncrowned National Champions’ just like Central Florida did. But considering the circumstances, they are lucky if they even get an invite to the Dirty Dozen Tournament next season. 

Florida State, you are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats, and that is not how a Power Five Program is supposed to act. As for Karen DeSantis and Karen Moody, this is the one time where I can even say there are things bigger than Florida State losing a playoff game. The fact that this is the hill you wish to die on is a little sad and a lot pathetic. 

This is the moment where you should stick to what you know. Translation: Shut Up and Get Over It.