“Big Ben” Roethlisberger Says Steelers Legacy Is Over


Published by: Bear Acuda

“Big Ben” is making the most out of retired life. Roethlisberger, the future Hall of Famer, expressed serious concerns about the current direction of the Pittsburgh Steelers on his podcast, “Footbahlin with Ben Roethlisberger.” The historic Steelers signal-caller suggested that the storied tradition of the Steelers might be fading, particularly after their disappointing 21-18 defeat to the New England Patriots on Thursday.

“Maybe the tradition of the Pittsburgh Steelers is done”

Reflecting on the game’s outcome, Roethlisberger specifically criticized head coach Mike Tomlin for the team’s mismanagement of timeouts. He emphasized the importance of saving timeouts for crucial late-game situations, implying that the loss of timeouts due to organizational issues was a sign of poor coaching.


Roethlisberger went on to explain the potential impact of having an additional timeout during the game’s final moments. He believed that with one more timeout, the team could have positioned kicker Chris Boswell for a game-tying 60-yard field goal attempt. He expressed confidence in Boswell’s abilities and the team’s chances in overtime, noting that the momentum had shifted in their favor. 

Can you say, “SHOTS FIRED”? This dude just lobbed a grenade at the Rooney’s doorstep.

The former quarterback, known for his long and successful tenure with the Steelers, which included two Super Bowl victories, lamented the lack of the same intensity and commitment that defined his time with the team. He questioned the current team’s leadership, particularly on the offensive side, and its commitment to the Steelers’ legacy of hard-nosed football. While I still worship at the altar of Benjamin (please, comeback), this Sunday service was hard to ingest.

Roethlisberger recalled the influence of past team leaders like Jerome Bettis and Hines Ward, who were instrumental in setting the team’s tone during his early years. He expressed concern about who is now upholding the Steelers’ proud tradition, emphasizing the importance of this legacy being actively maintained and passed down within the team. He concluded by expressing his perception that some current players might be more self-focused rather than team-oriented, a sentiment he noted is shared by others within the team.


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