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The Big Aaron Rodgers Trade to the Jets


Who are the Winner and the Loser of the Trade

On April 26 2023 Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets and this trade made all kinds of shockwaves from the fans and the whole NFL. This trade had a winner and a losing team. I will be talking about the trade and breaking down the trade and what led up to the moment this trade happened.

Aaron Rodgers Jets

So let’s take a look at it and see what has happened. So weeks before the trade even was happening Aaron Rodgers gave the Jets a list of players to get to make this trade happen and the list included Odell Beckham Jr. Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Billy Turner Solomon Thomas, Marcell Harris, D.J. Reed, and Kwon Alexander these are all the players that Aaron Rodgers wanted to be on the team with him. The Jets managed to get everyone on the list except for Odell Beckman Jr. who ended up going to the Baltimore Ravens.

Once the trade happen on April 26 2023 a week before the draft the Jets give the Packers exchange for first, second and sixth-round selections in the 2023 draft and a conditional second-round selection in the 2024 NFL Draft the Packers send first and fifth-round selections in the 2023 NFL Draft to complete this trade.

You might look at this trade and you are like woah that a lot of picks are being moved around and the answer is yes that is a lot. When you look at one of the picks the Jets send to the Packers is a conditional second round pick that means wherever the Jets finish that will be the place they will give the Packers in that round. So for example let’s say the Jets win the Super Bowl they will get somewhere in the last pick of the second round. This is just an example not a prediction of how a conditional pick works.

Rodgers Jets

To me the winners of this trade are the Jets. The reason is that they got a veteran quarterback who can help teach Zach Wilson how to be a good quarterback like what he did with Jordan Love.  The losers of this trade are the Green Bay Packers the reason is they give up their veteran quarterback for some good picks for the future so if the Packers don’t play good that first round pick is going to one the most valuable pieces of this trade because this will be either a top 15 pick of towards the end of the draft.

Aaron Rodgers Trade Shockwaves

This trade sent so many shockwaves. Everyone thinks the Jets are the team that lost in this trade because they gave up more picks and took Aaron Rodgers contract. This is not the first Packer quarterback to go to the Jets, former quarterback for the Packers and great for the Packers was Brett Fave he was sent to the Jets.

The big question is Aaron Rodgers going to be following the way Brett Fave did or will he take another step or do something different. When growing up I became a Brett Fave fan late in his career and when I used to get pizza delivered there was always one pizza driver always giving me such cool facts and stuff Brett Fave.

Let me know your thoughts about trade and who do you think won the trade. Do you think the Packers send too much for the trade or do you think the Jets are taking a big risk and getting Aaron Rodgers to join their team. Note Aaron Rodgers is 39 entering his age 40 season can he still live up to his five MVP’s and make Jets better again. Another thing you would wonder about is the Jets Offensive coordinator is former Broncos head Coach Nathaniel Hackett who was Aaron Rodgers Offensive coordinator in Green Bay from 2019-2021.

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