Stefon Diggs Isn’t Going Anywhere

By CJ Carlson

Stefon Diggs had a notable drop at a huge stage of the game during the Buffalo Bills loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional round of the playoffs. While the drop didn’t cement the loss, it did take away what could have been a momentum changing 60-yard bomb down the sideline. Couple that with another disappointing end to their season, and many questioned his future. 

Since then, there’s been absolutely no signs that Diggs will either request a trade or be shipped off by upper management. A report came out earlier stating that Diggs will not be requesting a trade, mentioning that he’s still all in with the Bills despite the defeat. Shortly after that, the media questioned their general manager Brandon Beane about how he feels regarding Diggs. He said, “He’s a number one receiver. I firmly believe that. I’m not wavering off of that. We have to continue to put weapons out there to keep teams from bracketing him or locking him down in different ways. Stef can still play.”


Stefon Diggs And His Disappearing Act

Stefon Diggs started the year with five games of 100-plus receiving yards in their first six games. The problem was that he completely disappeared down the stretch of the season. He broke the 80-yard mark only twice throughout the remainder of the season, which includes the two playoff games as well. He had only 20 receiving yards in five of those later games also. If these numbers don’t really pop off the page, maybe this will help better clear up his disappearing act.  Diggs ended the season with 107 catches for 1,183 yards and eight touchdowns. In just the first six games, he had 49 catches for 620 yards and five touchdowns. 

When asking head coach Sean McDermott about the drop-off in production, he said, “I can’t say, in particular, why. If I could, we would flip it back that way to the way it started earlier in the year. Stef’s a great player. I love Stef. He was a phenomenal teammate.” As much as they love him, his cap hit will go all the way up to $27.8 million in 2024. It makes Buffalo’s situation interesting given their limited space moving forward, along with a roster that desperately needs something to get them over the hump.

At least for the time being, Diggs isn’t going anywhere and will remain committed to Buffalo. However, it certainly feels like this relationship could be on its last legs. 

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