Cowboys Cheerleaders Cry On TikTok, Packers Players Were Mean To Them

The “Cowgirls” are a cheerleading institution.
Players from the opposition heckled the Cowgirls during their team’s blowout loss to the Packers in the NFL Playoffs.
The beautiful ladies found it difficult to cope with not being worshiped by all men, at all times.
No word yet if any of the cheerleaders will be going on dates with other “mean guys” who make them cry, but also happen to be rich & famous.

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“Cowgirls” cheerleader Darian Lassiter recently shared a distressing account of her encounter with Green Bay Packers players during the Dallas Cowboys recent Wild-Card Round schellacking. In a widely-shared TikTok video posted on Wednesday night, Lassiter recounted instances of what she perceived as disrespectful behavior from the Packers players.

According to Lassiter, Packers players began heckling the poor, defenseless cheerleaders following their team’s touchdowns. 

While they were just “minding their business”?! The nerve!

Pretty-girl Lassiter wanted Packers penalized for “Unsportsman-Like Conduct” after not getting her standard favorable attention from men 

The five-year Cowgirls veteran expressed her shock and disappointment over this behavior, noting that in her half-decade as an NFL cheerleader, she had never faced such a level of disrespect from players of opposing teams. So much so, that she wanted the Packers flagged for being on-field meanies.


“I have never experienced such disrespect from the other teams’ players to the cheerleaders in my five years as an NFL cheerleader. We would literally be minding our own business and the Packers just scored a touchdown — this is one example.”

Lassiter detailed the proximity of the Packers players, describing how they got uncomfortably close to the cheerleaders’ faces while yelling. She criticized her perceived inappropriateness of such actions towards cheerleaders, particularly when contrasted with the respect generally shown towards players. 

Maybe chivalry isn’t dead, gentlemen. Maybe assholes won’t be rewarded by extremely attractive females for treating them like crap. Or as girls like to call it, “being disinterested.”

Jury’s still out.

Unless Cheerleader #1 is dating a “nice guy” who’s not flush with cash, I’m not buying her bit. I would bet the farm that she prioritizes extreme financial stability over kindness & reliability. 

Spoiler Alert: You aren’t gonna see the daughter of NFL-star Kwamie Lassiter (RIP), on the arm of a roofer or HVAC tech anytime soon. 

Another teammate of the Lassiter mirrored her sentiments. As fellow Cowboys enthusiast, Jensen Lynn re-lived her tragic shared experience (via the comment section on Lassiter’s video), she both brave and honest in the recollection of her feelings on that tragic NFL Sunday:

“Literally was on the verge of tears.”

In Lassiter’s 58 seconds TikTok post, Lassiter also expressed her disillusionment with the Packers, remarking that their actions seemed to disregard both humility and respect for women. She stated that the importance of the playoffs doesn’t justify such behavior. 


“I feel like it’s unsportsmanlike conduct and it’s so crazy how they can’t do that to the Cowboys players or any other players, but they can do it to the cheerleaders and nothing’s going to happen. I understand the playoffs is a huge deal. I truly get it, but that does not mean your humbleness and respect for women flies out the window.”

Concluding her message, Lassiter declared her intention to support every team but the Packers in the remaining playoff games, following the Cowboys’ elimination.

As an outsider looking in, I find it hard to believe any of the Packers players said anything note-worthy, or egregiously offensive; it was most like some good ole-shit talking.

If you’re an easily triggered human reading this, try and remove the emotions that could cloud judgment and answer me this:

If ANY player for the Green Bay Packers had called any of them the “B” word, or said anything sexual in nature, wouldn’t Ms. Lassiter, or any of her compatriots who experienced the mean behavior in question, have aired-out that specific verbiage all over their social media?

I can’t imagine they would protect the players, had they said gross things NOT doing with the game itself.

But, I’ve been wrong before.

Are these cheerleaders being too sensitive, or did the Packers players go too far with their heckling?

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