NHL’s Best Hair in the Business. Go with the Flow!

By Looch

Hair that flows

The flow hairstyle, also known as the bro flow, wings or hockey haircut, is a popular men’s style among hockey players, surfers, baseball players, skateboarders, hipsters, and even preppy guys. Not for the follicly challenged. We break down the flow in NHL hockey players from past super stars to current NHL flow masters. Some of the best hairdos and don’ts in sports are under the hockey bucket. These days helmets are mandatory in hockey, so the flow must be covered.


Back when helmets weren’t mandatory the best flows were coming from long time NY Rangers forward Ron Duguay, also from Oo La La Sasoon commercial fame. Duguay wasn’t the only Ranger to don the luscious lettuce for the NHL and Sasoon jeans (available at Macy’s and Bambergers) he was joined by NY Rangers teammates Phil Esposito, Dave Maloney and Anders Hedberg. During the helmets by choice era notable best and worst hair days were had by NY Islander Bobby Nystrom, Flyer Bobby Clarke, Canadiens Guy LaFleur, Capitals Rod Langway and Oilers Craig MacTavish. 

We can also throw in some 1977 hockey movie hair, most notably the Hanson Brothers from one of the best hockey movies out there “Slapshot”. Jack Hanson #16 (played by David Hanson), Steve Hanson #17(played by Steve Carlson) and Jeff Hanson #18 (played by Jeff Carlson) were the main characters in an american sports comedy film starring Paul Newman about a minor league hockey team that resorted to violent play to gain popularity in the declining factory town of Johnstown, PA. A must watch for any sports or hockey.


 Fast forward to 1998 and the great Jaromir Jagr. One of the best and longest lasting flows in the league. Jagr played for 9 NHL teams the Penguins, Capitals, Rangers, Flyers, Stars, Bruins, Devils, Panthers and Flames. Jagr’s flow was and always will be the work of a star goal scorer and mullet master. Jagr is still playing hockey at 51yrs old in the Czech Republic and will have his #68 sweater retired and hang it from the rafters on February 18th,2024 by the Pittsburg Penguins.

Today’s best flows can be seen on many hockey players in the league most during warm ups and entry to the arena. The flow has been a staple for past and present players alike. Check out the great flows from Cody Eakins, brothers Christopher and Brandon Tanev, Erik Karlsson, Mika Zibanejad and Kris Letang to name a few.