Conor Benn Calls Out Devin Haney AND Errol Spence


By Nick Martinez

Conor Benn picked up a massive win over Peter Dobson and didn’t waste any time before calling out two other boxers. Benn called out both Devin Haney and Errol Spence Jr immediately after beating Dobson over at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Benn came into the fight with a 22-0 record and ended with a 23-0 record. The only disappointing part of the night for him was that he couldn’t add another knockout to his resume, one that has already seen him do so 14 other times. At the end of the day, a win is a win, and he was well aware of that. 

Conor Benn Dealt With His Own Ban

When the fight ended, Benn took his opportunity to let a few other boxers hear it. See, most of the following comments we are going to dive into stem from Benn testing positive for a banned substance in 2023. That ban came right before he was supposed to fight Chris Eubank. Benn attempted to appeal the ban, but it didn’t work, and he’s still not allowed to fight in the UK because of it. There is still a question mark as to what got him hit with the ban, though it was once claimed by the WBC that the failed drug test could have been because of a “elevated consumption of eggs”. 

Conor Benn

Benn Let Other Boxers Hear It On Social Media

On X, formerly Twitter, Devin Haney was asked if Benn had simply lost his power. To that, he said, “left that s**t in the needle” referring to the substance ban he received prior. Benn wasted no time by responding, saying, “How is pillow fists talking about power. Who tf have you knocked out recently? Come feel my power then!” Shortly after that, Errol Spence hopped on social media by responding to a different negative comment surrounding Benn. All he had to say was the word “xactly” with an egg emoji in the front of it. Right afterwards, Benn said this, “Fight me next and I’ll close that other eye.” That was referring to Spence getting his face smashed in by Terence Crawford last year, a fight that had to be stopped. 

Don’t worry though, his social media rampage continued. He directed his sights at Josh Kelly next, calling him “irrelevant”. Then he turned towards Michael McKinson, saying, “Where’s your power ever been you boring ugly little maggot. You fight on YouTube before the main card starts because no promoter wants to see your eye stinging style now don’t @ me ever again.” He even went after Eubank, the man he was supposed to fight before he was banned, saying, “He’s a p***u. That’s all there is to it.”

He’ll Fight Anybody Next

Now, Benn’s current promoter Eddie Hearn has big expectations for him, though he has a certain fight he wants to get out of the way first. That fight would be against Eubank. Hearn said, “We want to position him for a world title. We need to get that lingering problem out of his head. Let’s get that done. I want to give him the biggest fight I can in the UK. This guy has a big future in British boxing.”  

As for Benn, he doesn’t care who his next opponent is. He said, “I’ll fight anyone man. Preferably, if we can go Barrios next for the WBC interim, that would be my choice. Obviously, you got the Errol Spence-Crawford fight. I don’t know what’s happening with that. I’m not here to waste time and wait around for anyone. For me, I just want to get out there. Get back out. Like I said to the team, I’m ready to go in April.”

Before he signed off social media for the night, he had this to say, directed straight at his promoter in Hearn, “Haney, Eubank Jr (not Harry), Spence, Brook, Barrios. Any of the above next @EddiieHearn.” 

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