49ers Find Their Practice Field “Too Soft”

*49ers practice field is at UNLV 
*Organization members deem it unsatisfactory
*49ers to hold first on-field practice Monday afternoon

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported dissatisfaction among the San Francisco 49ers’ organization regarding the condition of the practice field at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where the team is preparing. Early reports out of the 49ers camp say their staff is not pleased with the firmness of the field, claiming it is dangerously soft.

According to reports, the NFL installed a layer of sod over the existing artificial turf just last week, which is later than the usual standards set by the NFL for Super Bowl practice facilities. Typically, these standards are to be met by December.


Field Firmness Underscores Latest 49er Practice Field Controversy

The firmness of NFL fields is typically measured at an average score of 78, with the minimum acceptable score being 70. However, the practice field for the 49ers is reportedly rated in the 50s.

The 49ers are scheduled to conduct their initial walk-through session on this field on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs have been practicing at the training complex of the Las Vegas Raiders. No reports have broken saying the Raiders’ practice field is unsatisfactory, but with a dumpster fire of an organization, reports of a shabby field are not a far stretch.


The NFL, together with the NFL Players Association, conducts inspections of all playing surfaces prior to the Super Bowl and has given the green light to both teams’ facilities for this week’s practices.

Issues with the playing surface were also a topic of concern during last year’s Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, where both the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles encountered difficulties with traction during the game.

The initial concerns about the 49ers’ practice field conditions were brought to light by CBS Sports.

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