Shut Up! Blabbermouths -149-0


Teams up 3-0 in seven-game series are 149-0.

By AJ Johnson

For some reason the Boston Blabbermouths and Grant Williams decided that the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler weren’t motivated, focused and driven enough already during game 2 of the Eastern Conference Championship Series this past Friday night.

In case you missed it. Here’s what happened.


The Celtics’ (blabbermouths’) Grant Williams was feeling all full of himself after hitting a 3-pointer that put the Blabbermouths up by 9 midway through the fourth quarter of Game 2. So when Jimmy Butler got an and-1 bucket on him in the paint at the other end of the court, Grant decided that going forehead to forehead with Butler and talk trashing was a good idea.

From the moment the forehead exchange went down, Butler dropped nine more points, and the Heat took a commanding 2-0 series lead by closing the game with a 22-9 run of the Celtics.

Butler was asked after the game if that exchange fueled his late run.

Yes, it did,” Butler said

“But that’s just competition at its finest. He hit a big shot, started talking to me. I like that. I’m all for that. It makes me key in a lot more. It pushes that will that I have to win a lot more. It makes me smile. It does. When people talk to me, I’m like, OK, I know I’m a decent player, if you want to talk to me out of everybody that you can talk to.

Before Williams or any Blabbermouth’s player decides to open their mouths and talk trash before tonight’s game 3 in Miami, here is reminder of the remarkable run the Heat have been on to end up 2 games away from the NBA Finals.

  • Christmas 2022 — Miami was 16-17, ninth in the East.
  • All-Star break — 32-27, seventh in the East.
  • Play-In Tournament — Lost to the Hawks in the No. 7 game.
  • First round — Lost Tyler Herro, their third-leading scorer and best 3-point shooter, in Game 1 against the Top Seed Bucks.

Instead of any Blabbermouth saying anything to a guy in a Red & White uniform tonight, say this to yourself:

Teams that go down 3-0 are a combined


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