Can ThePenguinAz Be A Lakers Fan and A DBacks Fan 2?


I know this guy that goes by ThePenguinAz that is from California and has his Lakers loyalty still intact after all these years. This guy is a special breed, he is very kind and selfless. When it comes to his sports, he’s fierce.

The Lakers Fan


With that said, he has made a puzzling decision to follow the Arizona DiamondBacks. As we speak the ‘Dbacks’ as they’re known, have started out surprisingly well. 

We all know the DBacks can’t maintain this magical trip they are currently on. 

The DBacks Fan


Please help! It is all of our jobs to help this man. He needs to see beyond the early season success to realize that this team is just another team that other teams poach from.  

Thank you and may God help ThePenguinAz

Yours truly,


3 thoughts on “Can ThePenguinAz Be A Lakers Fan and A DBacks Fan 2?”

  1. This dude obviously has some issues. Guessing depression is about to become a big problem for him. Does anyone know how to get him a medical weed card? ASAP

  2. PlayActionReal

    Those nice looking pictures hide the depression that’s deep down. I forgot to mention he is a Packers fan as well. I’ll be doing a wellness check on him soon.

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