Bring Hockey back to Quebec

“NHL, What the Quebec are You Waiting For?”


by Rockin’ Reese 

Fans of the Arizona Coyotes (the few of you that there are), you might not like this. It’s time to move this team. From 2009-2013, the Coyotes were owned by the NHL, after the team had filed bankruptcy. They have gone through multiple failed deals throughout the state of Arizona, as well as several ownership & management changes.

Even Wayne Gretzky (arguably the greatest player in NHL history) couldn’t bring success to the Coyotes. This season, they have been playing at Arizona State’s Mullett Arena (where they will play, next season). So, that begs a vey important question. What should happen with this team?

Arizona Coyotes

It may take some work, but there could be a very simple move.

First, you move the Detroit Red Wings back to the western conference. Truthfully, they haven’t done anything in the eastern conference, since their return, 9 seasons ago. Not to mention, their rivalries with the Chicago Blackhawks & Colorado Avalanche have lost some luster.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I have ended the Coyotes franchise & moved the Red Wings back east. Who gets to replace the Coyotes?

Bring the NHL Back to Quebec

Well, since the NHL likes bringing franchises back, there is a relatively new arena called the Vidéotron Centre. It’s located in Quebec City. The timing couldn’t be better to appease your Canadian audience & finally bring the Quebec Nordiques back to the NHL.

Vidéotron Centre

I know Quebec City has been without a hockey franchise, since 1995, but the NHL would be foolish to not recognize that the city is experiencing a bit of a boom. Imagine the announcement of the Nordiques returning to the NHL.

People in the province of Quebec would be ecstatic. Then, imagine on a cool October night, over 18,000 people standing outside of Vidéotron Centre waiting for the first real hockey in over a quarter-century.

NHL, Quebec wants its hockey back

Imagine the Nordiques reigniting rivalries with their fellow province neighbors (the Montréal Canadiens), as well as their eastern Canadian counterparts (the Toronto Maple Leafs & Ottaw Senators).

Imagine the home games against the Colorado Avalanche (the team who the Nordiques became, after the franchise was relocated from Quebec City to Denver). The atmosphere would be electric.

Then, put a winning team together…the NHL will make more money in one year than the Coyotes made in their entire existence.So, like the title of this article asks…”NHL, what the Quebec are you waiting for?”

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