Week 8: Packers Report

By The PenguinAz

The 4 Straight W….Wait 4 Straight Loss No Offense Packers Recap from Lambeau Field.


Whad Up…Yo…Wait trying to decipher or analyze this losing streak associated with The “Go Pack Go” chant. The visiting Vique, dang it Vikings would make their appearance known, coming into the Frozen yet melting Tundra. It is a Sunday Funday of Football. Packers would struggle on offense and penalties would be the game but to no further do. Lets get some Drive Time going.

The non-consistent on offense Packers would take the kickoff to start the game. #10 Love started with a 2 yd pass. Dillon would take the 1st run play for 7. 3rd and 1 and what do you think? A flag as Love would evade a sack but the flag demon returns as #63 out of Penn State Rasheed Walker is ineligible man downfield.

The offensive line would be on display causing a sackf of Love, the making for a Punt but oh wait another flag for a false start on a Punt really? 0-0 Would the punt routine be the norm? 

Kurt and the Vikings would start the game with a run for 2 and almost throwing a INT to #7 Q. Walker making it 3rd and 8. The huge MNF game star #3 Jordan Addison out of USC gains 10 yds for a 1st. Cousins runs for 7 with a pass to Powell for another 1st down. The Packers in 11 games had not allowed an opening drive TD.

Would this be the drive? J. Addison would gain another 10 as Maddison ran for a gain of 0. Cousins with some pressure from #96 Colby Wooden makes it 3 and 10. Tight end #87 TJ Hockenson gains 9 on a pass but the game would remain scoreless after a Vikings missed 42 yd field goal.

The Packers drive was as short as this paragraph. Jones would run for 4 than throw a incomplete pass to Jones. Musgrave would not catch the pigskin and make it 4 and 6 for another Cheesehead punt. 

Now this 2nd drive for the Vikings would be the longest with newly acquired from the Rams #31 Cam Akers. Akers runs with a dash of Addison, along with again the Packers defense causing the flag of roughing the passer by #34 Jonathan Owens. Hockensen would haul in a catch for 23 yds with Akers running one in on 2nd and goal. Vikings up 7-0

Once again the Pack goes 3 and out with Doubs grabbing a 5 yd catch, Love getting sacked for a loss of 12. Oh wait, another flag on a delay of game so Love scrambles for 9 on the down only to once again PUNT ending the 1st quarter. Packers with no first down on their past drives. Offense struggling again……

The Vikings K. Cousins goes to Addison but of course another flag against the Packers this time on R. Douglas using his hands illegally. Ugghhhhh…..Flags Flags Flags everywhere. Cousins with passes to Osborn  and Hockensen help achieve a Vikings FG making the score 10-0.

Needless to say the Packers would PUNT again with Jones getting some action and Love scrambling for another drive without a 1st down. The Vikings would finally get some hassling by the green and gold defense causing a PUNT also. 

The 5th drive would finally produce a FG for that misfiring Packers offense. Love spreads the ball to Dillon for 4, Watson for 11, and Jones on 8 and 6  yard runs. Flags going flying only to br off setting penalties. Love helps get the kicking team onto the field for the Packers first score of the game. 10-3 Vikings.

Cousins and the purple eater teams goes on a run scoring on a 2yd TD pass to Hockenson yet yet on the previous play Cousins being a runner for a 1st down. Vikings 17-3, as once again Packers struggle and PUNT. Vikings and the Cousins lead offense shine again on a throw to Addison for a 20 yd TD pass. 24-3 dang it.

The Pack would score on this drive being their 7th. The offense finally gets the energy and scores making it 24-10 on a 1 yd pass to Doubs for a TD. The Vikings penalties helped move the ball for the Packers though. The Vikings sacking Cousins and a FG being blocked by the redeeming J. Owens keeps the score 24-10.

Love could not scramble and pass enough on this drive keeping the score 24-10 with under 8 minutes to go in the 4th. Now the Vikings offense would struggle as K. Cousins would leave the field with a injury as #16 Jaren Hill from BYU comes in and gets sacked for fumble by #91 P. Smith and recovered by #95 D. Wyatt and score staying 24-10.

Packers go without saying as the offense punts again and the Vikings would copy with a punt as well. so the last drive for the Packers was up. Love would continue struggling and perhaps fans saying Love needs a benching session. Flags and miscues and a sack keeps the score 24-10. The Vikings with Hall running the offense as Cousins was with a season ending injury perhaps, did a few QB kneels to seal the game.

24-10 is the final score and the “Melting” Tundra is in trouble. Are coaches LaFleur and “Le” Barry along with all the staff on the hot seat? I would say Yes, the coaching staff meetings need a spark or two as they prepare for another showdown at Lambeau Field against Captain Ron’s, a fellow Bleacher Brothers writer LA Rams. Does The Frozen Tundra get colder or continue to melt beyond well done Cheese Curds? Stay tuned. In other news how about Them Answerbacks or as most call them #EmbraceTheChaos Diamondbacks?  

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