Curry Drops 42 points for A Warriors victory


By Steven Luker

The Golden State Warriors just faced off a game versus the New Orleans Pelicans making the Warriors play the second game in a day after they traveled from Houston where they had Klay Thompson move to 10th all time in three pointers. Curry is the first player with multiple 40 points in a game


Stephen Curry Hot Beginning

Stephen Curry tonight for the Warriors scored 16 of the 18 points in the first quarter for the Warriors. The first shot Curry got an assist from Draymond Green for a lay-up. Curry was five for seven shooting and then he went three for five behind the arc.

A pair of Warriors Rookies making their first shot of their NBA Career

Tonight the Golden State Warriors had a pair of rookies making their first ever points in the NBA. The two players are Trayce Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski; they made the first points in the second quarter for the Warriors.

Third Quarter unstoppable Warriors

The Golden State Warriors were red hot during the third quarter and outscored their opponents with 47 points and they were on a run for 13-1 scoring in this quarter. 

All eyes on Stephen Curry

The eyes for the Golden State Warriors fans keep their eyes on is none other than Stephen Curry. Curry in the second half had over 24 points and was four for seven in the three point line and Curry was also nine for 13 on field goals in the second half.

Cool information and stats

During the third quarter the Warriors outscored the Pelicans 39-21 and this brings the total of points in the third quarter to one hundred and 42 points and opponents only scoring 95 points.

The next matchup for the Warriors will be November 1st vs. the Sacramento Kings at home in the Chase Center. The Sacramento Kings are coming into this match up with a record of two and one in the start of their 2023-24 NBA season the last matchup was played in Sacramento and the Warriors won that game 122 to 114.

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