Packers Hire Jeff Hafley as new DC


By The PenguinAz

It’s A Final. Joe Barry Out, Incoming Jeff Hafley. Whad Up New DC Yo!!!! 

El Pinguino De AZ aka ThePenguinAZ is back to report that the Packers have finally selected a new defensive coordinator. The list of interviews were, 1 Brandon Staley ex Chargers Coach, 2 Bobby Babich Bills LB coach, 3 Zach Orr ILB Ravens coach and 4 Christian Parker DB coach. 

The cheeseheads decided to reach into the college ranks and found the coach from The Boston College Eagles, not your Philly Eagles. Let’s Go Jeff Hafley Yo!!!! Here come some stats. I was hoping for the Pack to hire Staley or Coach Orr from Baltimore. But hey lets  see what Jeff is about. New Defense Coming Yo!!!! DEFENSE WINS SUPERBOWLS!!!!

The future of the Packers defensive was a thought to repair or make better for Coach Hafley, as they have a strong young core and bright future. He is longtime friend of LaFleur and a long time fan of The Green And Gold. Finally replacing coach Joe Barry as the DC. Coach Hafley will be the 3rd different defensive coordinator as LaFleur enters his sixth year as the franchise’s head coach.

Jeff Hafley

While LaFleur and Hafley have never directly worked together, they have some mutual connections. Hafley was the Browns defensive backs coach in 2014-15 under then head coach Mike Pettine, who was LaFleur’s first defensive coordinator in Green Bay 2019-.2020. Hafley also worked under the Packers nemesis 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. Hafley was the 49ers defensive backs coach from 2016-18 before he became Ohio State’s co-defensive coordinator.

The rest of the Packers struggling defensive coaching staff is on paper for the 2024 season and none of them were dismissed when the Packers parted ways with Coach Barry. So there is  a good chance some  or all of them could return to work under Coach Hafley. Coach H is a veteran NFL assistant coach who worked seven years in the NFL coaching various secondary positions before returning to college football as Ohio State’s defensive coordinator in 2019.

But overall perhaps that Defense, Defense, Defense, will finally stop a mediocre running and passing game. Just some Packers news to refresh the writing skills. Alas baseball action is upon us. Lets Go Answerbacks Pitchers And Catchers. Who is up for some Spring Training Action Yo.

Much Love From All of Us At Bleacher Brothers!!!!

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