New England Patriots Could Be Fed Up With Mac Jones

By CJ Carlson

Mac Jones didn’t have a great season under center for the New England Patriots. Anybody who watched them knows that. However, even people within the Patriots organization have grown tired of him. That being most evident during Jerod Mayo’s introductory press conference, when he was announced as the next head coach of the team.

During the press conference, Mac Jones took the time out of his day to attend. He was hanging around throughout the majority of it, which seems like a good thing that he’s interested in who’s taking over the team. Unfortunately, this was met with some backlash from somebody within the Patriots organization.

It was reported by a Patriots insider that an anonymous member of the team said, “He was in his workout gear which is ironic since he cleared his entire locker at the end of the season. Not a single hanger. Completely empty. I mean, come on man. Everyone’s watched him play, they’ve watched him act like a prima donna. The team is sick of it, everyone’s sick of it.”

Mac Jones In Middle Of Potential Locker Room Issues

We might not ever know who made this comment within the organization, or if it even reflects the majority of the other people in that locker room. What it does reveal is a clear lack of respect for him as their quarterback, starting or not. The simple fact that somebody felt confident enough to state this at all gives that away. 

Moving forward, there’s a chance that Jones won’t be on the team anymore at all. The Patriots hold the number three overall pick in the draft, and it’s clear as day that they need a quarterback. Jones had a good rookie season, but last year was simply atrocious. With a new head coach and a new regime taking over, taking the quarterback of the future in this year’s draft seems possible. If that were to happen, it’s hard to imagine that Jones would prefer to remain with the team. The problem is that he will just have incredibly limited options elsewhere also.

With all of this hatred coming out on Jones, it’s going to be interesting to monitor what New England might do moving forward. Will they come out and discuss these recent comments? Will they avoid even talking about them? Will this hurt their chemistry even more in the locker room if other players back Jones up? Mayo has a lot of work on his hands already.

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