2024 NFL Draft Cheat Sheet: #46-50

Published by: AK98

The NFL Draft isn’t until next year, so you won’t need to make your travel plans quite yet for the host city, Detroit, Michigan. This doesn’t mean we can’t start building our mock draft boards, though. 

With the end of the college football season & all conference championships played, expert analysts have a good idea of who is staying put in college, who is entering the NFL Draft, and where they will be positioned in next year’s draft. Most of you know the household names in college football, but many of you don’t know the 3rd-7th round players who may not only fill out your favorite team’s roster, but will be impact players in the foreseeable future.

And since you asked for a cheat sheet to the 2024 NFL Draft test, I’m here to oblige. Over the next few days, weeks, & months, I will be releasing updated prospect ratings (especially after the combine and player’s Pro Day) for the top 75 players in college football, five players at a time. This way, it’s a steady dose of learning as opposed to cramming information, with no real retention of the material you just read.

As promised, here are the 2024 NFL Draft prospects, as I see them, rated #46-#50:

46. CB Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

Quinyon Mitchell’s high ball-production numbers and recovery speed in off-coverage position him as a standout cornerback with the ability to disrupt passes effectively.

47. S Calen Bullock, USC

Calen Bullock’s range and athleticism as a safety, combined with his ball skills, make him a significant turnover creator, though he needs to strengthen his tackling skills.

48. LB Edgerrin Cooper, Texas A&M

Edgerrin Cooper’s ability as a run defender and unique physical build make him a key player in Texas A&M’s defense, though his coverage skills are less tested.

49. T Jordan Morgan, Arizona

Jordan Morgan’s potential was evident before his injury, with notable pass protection skills, though he could improve as a run blocker.

50. T Patrick Paul, Houston

Patrick Paul’s impressive pass-blocking skills, due to his size and agility, are noteworthy, although his run-blocking could see further improvement.

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