Houston Texans: Week 2 Recap

By PlayActionReal

Hello everyone it’s time for my take on the Week 2 matchup: Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans. Can you say run the ball?

The Colts started their first drive on a mission. First round pick Anthony Richardson showed just why the Colts selected him. He had an easy 18 yard walk in touchdown on their first drive. It didn’t take long for Richardson to get another walk in touchdown, after the Texans first drive of the day stalled when C.J. Stroud fumbled around his own 20 yard line. 

By the 2nd quarter the defense settled in a bit and so did Stroud. He drove them down the field and finally throw his first career T.D. to Nico Collins. All of the sudden I realized Richardson was being escorted to the locker. The replay showed him hitting the back of his head on the second walk in T.D.. 

In comes Gardner Minshew and he was good. Combined with Zack Moss they held the Texans defense at bay. Having Minshew was a blessing for the Colts he may not be 6’4″ 266 like Richardson but he is still mobile. I know for sure Texans Coach Ryans was disappointed how the defense was playing. I lost count of lost tackles and our 1st round edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. was missing all day. 

The second half was a little better for the Texans offense. C.J. put the team on his young shoulders without a running game or a healthy O-line. Somehow through a losing effort Stroud found a way to step up in the pocket and make good throws. I’m not saying he’s polished. C.J. has a long way to go, but he showed some resilience even after being sacked 6 times and did I mention they couldn’t run the ball? (52 yds team total rushing) Stroud ended up throwing a T.D. late in the game to fellow rookie Tank Dell and it made it feel like a closer game. Final score 31-20 Colts. Fun fact the Colts have a better winning record at our house than we do. 

It has always been rough being a Texans fans. Every year seems like we are in rebuilding mode. This year feels different with a new coach and some interesting young players. Next week the Texans travel to Jacksonville. If we can’t tackle Anthony Richardson then good luck with that slippery Trevor Lawrence guy. 

Happy week 2 

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