Ex-Employee Steals $22 Million From The Jacksonville Jaguars

By CJ Carlson


Just when you thought that the Jacksonville Jaguars news couldn’t get any worse, it was reported that a former employee has been caught stealing $22 million from the organization. Amit Anil Patel, the man accused of stealing funds from the franchise, allegedly used the stolen money on expensive items such as a $95,000 watch and more.

The charges currently set against the former employee are engaging in illegal monetary transactions, and fraud by wire, radio or television. Patel was fired from the franchise in February of 2023. The government had been investigating the situation since that point, and now it appears that the truth has finally come out about the firing. Wheen he was still with the team, he operated as a manager of financial planning and analysis. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Hoping To Prove Him Guilty

He had access to funds from what is basically a company credit card but without the physical card in his possession. He had to keep track of transactions in an Excel sheet and was tasked with sending that information to the accounting department. However, he was throwing in fake transactions on numerous occasions to make it seem like the money he was taking was matching up with what the team was aware they were spending. Patel stole approximately $22,221,454 by the time his scheme was caught onto. 

Patel didn’t just utilize the money to buy expensive items for himself, he also spent money on online gambling sites, cryptocurrencies, and travel expenses for his friends and family. Not only would he need to forfeit property that’s equal to what he stole if he’s found guilty, but he’d also be tasked with surrendering his condo, Tesla, and unbelievably expensive watch. When reaching out to the organization themselves, a spokesperson in Jacksonville said that Patel “took advantage of his trusted position.” 


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