Banchero Tops 42 in Career Performance Against The Cavs

By Dylan Spaulding

Paolo Banchero found his rhythm again in what was a season resurgence for the Magic’s 2022 #1 Draft Pick, grabbing 42 points in the team’s loss to the Cavaliers on Wednesday.

Banchero, who has been average for the most part to begin this season, looked to be cooking yesterday, completing 16 FGs with six rebounds in his career-high night in points.

Although the Magic would end up falling to Cleveland in this game, Banchero being hot can only mean danger for what’s to come.


We know how dangerous Banchero can be when he finds his groove and by having the team’s best player coming off a career night, it should hopefully give Banchero confidence heading into a game against the Pistons that looks to be winnable for the group.

The last few games for the Magic have not gone in the favor for the team after finishing a historic 9-game win streak, but, with Banchero getting back to his ways, hopefully this means good things to come for Orlando.

There is a level of wonder as to if the team can stick to this winning culture that seems to be getting built by Jahmal Mosley and his crew, but, with Banchero getting back to his feet and the Magic finding themselves, there is excitement for what’s to come.

The team will have a tough slate however, with the Cavs, Celtics and Heat all to come for the group following this Friday night game against Detroit, so we will have to see how things play out once they hit a bit of a hard slate.


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