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2023 NFL Draft Needs:

NFC West

NFL Draft Heads, your day is finally here.

NFL junkies amidst withdrawals, your fix is finally here.

“There’s always next season” hopefuls, your first day of hope is finally here.

Thursday will mark the start of the NFL 2023 Draft. As of 4/27/23, your team sits atop the NFL standings; you’re undefeated.

Unfortunately for some, by next Monday, your team will have either gotten the DUBYA, or taken the EL. Every team has needs, and depending on who your team is, your draft may look completely different than your rivals. So, how will you be able to differentiate a strong/softer-than-baby-shit draft from your preferred franchise without relying on the help of “Final Grades” from The Usuals?

That is why I’m here. To help you do it yourself.

Over the next few days, I’ll be designating the needs for each team, division by division. And in a completely selfish (albeit predictable) manner, I will analyze the division which is most important to me: the NFC West.

And naturally, I’ll be starting with…

NFL Draft

Arizona Cardinals:


Edge, DL, CB, OG, WR, RB, OT


#3, #34, #66, #96, #105, #168, #180, #213

The NFL Draft kicks off and AZ has the opportunity to hit a home run with their first pick. They can draft an absolute game-changer of an edge-rusher in Alabama superstar Will Anderson. Kid has been graded as the #1 prospect for 2 years running. CB is another position they desperately need to address.

Prediction: We fuck up somehow & with the #3 pick, take a no-namer from a small school who has never had a first-rounder drafted. Probably an LB. Then, use him at a position he’s not suited for until his contract year (where he puts up career numbers), get cheap & lose him to free agency, and watch him blossom into a star. Hi, Haason Reddick, Zaven Collins, & Isaiah Simmons!

Los Angeles Rams:


Edge, CB, OT, OG/C, S, RB, WR


#36, #69, #77, #167, #171, #177, #182, #189, #191, #223, #234

LAR has hoarded late round picks with eight of them coming after #166. In a division known for having elite edge-rushers under contract, LAR is looking to re-establish themselves as a formidable, aggressive defense. With Jalen Ramsey traded to MIA, Von Miller shipped off to BUF last season, and the potential trade of the best defensive player this century in DT Aaron Donald, LAR needs to make sure the lights work on their prospectors’ hats, because they must find some gems after Round 6. 

Prediction: They trade Aaron Donald for future NFL Draft capital, make a trade package (with the newly acquired picks & their excess late round picks) to move up into the first round.

San Francisco 49ers:




#99, #101, #102, #155, #164, #173, #216, #222, #247, #253, #255

SF doesn’t have a pick in the first two rounds of this year’s NFL Draft. Most of their draft capital is back-loaded, similar to LAR. Fortunately for them, they have a solid core & enough draft capital to move & shake if they want to. Don’t be surprised if you see some movement on the draft board by SF on Thursday. Their war room is bound to be busy.

Prediction: With former 1st-rounder Trey Lance (QB) being dead money (after Brock Purdy took a hold of the reins in his absence), SF can dangle him as trade bait in a lake of possibility; specifically CAR/1, HOU/2, & IND/3. 

Bold Prediction: Trey Lance is used to either pull Tom Brady out of retirement (again) or acquire Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, I said it.

Seattle Seahawks:


Edge, DL, WR, OG/C, CB, QB, LB


#5, #20, #37, #52, #83, #123, #151, #154, #198, #237 

SEA is clearly in the best position of NFC West teams come Thursday. Their trade of Russell Wilson & emergence of Geno Smith as a respectable signal-caller puts Seattle out of “rebuild” & into “future contenders”. Their first five picks of this years NFL Draft all come before Round 4 (with two in Round 1), and can use their first picks to address the more serious needs in strong fashion.

Prediction: With three of the first four teams desperate for a QB (CAR/1, HOU/2, IND/4), Georgia mountain Jalen Carter should be available at #5 to fill a DT need. Otherwise, look for them to take a good look at Tyree Wilson (EDGE) out of Texas Tech.

Write that down.

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