Georgia Bulldogs mascot UGA 10 aka “Que” passes away

*The most famous bulldog passed away at 10 years of age
*UGA is the winningest mascot of all the Georgia Bulldogs
*Que retired in 2022 with a 91-18 record
*He oversaw two national championships during his tenure

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Uga X, famously known as Que, the former mascot of the University of Georgia, passed away early Tuesday at his home in Savannah, as reported by the University of Georgia.

Having completed his role as the official mascot for the Georgia Bulldogs after the 2022 season, Uga X was succeeded by Uga XI, also known as Boom. The transition was marked by a ceremonial passing of the collar before the 2023 G-Day spring game.

UGA 10 leaves behind a legacy that Georgia Bulldog Football may never see again

Georgia Bulldogs

Que’s tenure as the Bulldogs’ mascot began on November 21, 2015, and he retired with a reputation as one of the most celebrated mascots in the program’s history. During his time, the Georgia football team achieved a remarkable 91-18 record, including victories in two College Football Playoff national championships.

The lineage of Uga mascots started in 1956, with the Seiler family of Savannah overseeing their care. Originally under the guardianship of Frank, known as “Sonny,” and Cecelia Seiler, the mascot program continued even after Sonny Seiler’s passing in April 2023, with Charles Seiler now at the helm of the family’s stewardship of the UGA mascots.

Reflecting on the change, Charles Seiler remarked on the adjustment period at home. He shared that while Que usually began his day barking for breakfast around 5:30 a.m., and Boom would follow shortly after. 

Today, there was no 5:30 am wake up call.

“Things will be a little different around the house for a while. Que traditionally starts barking for his breakfast around 5:30 a.m.  This morning, Boom waited until 6:00 a.m. to let us know he was ready for his breakfast so he’ll be a little later each day.”

Georgia Bulldogs

Having just lost my dog to cancer, I get it. When Bubbie passed away in my arms, it was an existential moment. But it wasn’t until the next day, leaving my office, that it hit me like a ton of bricks.

My sweet 75lb, 9-year old baby boy would no longer be waiting for me at the door.

Things will be different for the Seilers in the coming weeks. There will be plenty of sad times, but plenty of reminders of the good times. With shorter life-spans than ours, pets remind us more frequently how fleeting happiness can be, to cherish the time we have with loved ones, and to waste the time given. 

Do you like animals more than humans?

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