Charity of Bullied Bills Kicker, Tyler Bass, Receives Record-Breaking Contributions

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In a story of pure love & support during someone’s darkest moments, the 10 Lives Club recently reported a record-breaking surge in donations for the charity supported by Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass. According to a spokesperson from the 10 Lives Club, as of early Tuesday morning, contributions have exceeded $100,000 – an amount the organization has never seen in such a short period of time.

This story hits all my FEELS, and if they don’t hit yours, then you’re probably a robot and need to have your “emotions” reuploaded.

Why is this such a meaningful story, one that highlights messages of forgiveness and compassion during trying times? I’ll tell you.

Fans of Buffalo Bills stand behind kicker Bass who missed game-winning field goal against rival Kansas City Chiefs

This influx of donations comes in the wake of Bass missing a crucial 44-yard field goal during the final minutes of the Divisional Round playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The missed attempt was a key factor in the Bills’ 27-24 defeat. Bass, 26, who is recognized as one of the top kickers in the league, faced intense criticism and reportedly even received threats, leading to him deactivating his social media accounts.

The kick struck home for a lot of Bills fans, specifically, the ones in the Bills Mafia. Buffalo has a history of malice towards kickers who miss high-stakes, playoff game-winning field goals. Immediate comparisons were made to 90’s Bills kicker Scott Norwood and the infamous “Wide Right”, where his missed FG cost the Bills a victory in Super Bowl XXV (25).

In a show of solidarity and support, Bills fans, as well as Chiefs fans, are rallying behind Bass by donating to the Ten Lives Club, a cat rescue charity that Bass has been involved with. Many are making donations of $22, a symbolic gesture referencing Bass’s jersey number 2.


“WE STAND WITH TYLER BASS. DON’T BULLY OUR FRIEND 👊…We just heard the terrible news that Tyler Bass is receiving threats after yesterday’s game and our phones are ringing off the hook from people who want to donate $22 to Ten Lives Club in Tyler’s name.

Tyler doesn’t deserve any of the hate he’s receiving. He’s an excellent football player and an even better person who took the time to help our organization and rescue cats last year. Leave our friend alone.”

Reports online say that the total donations have reached over $100,000, a figure that continues to rise. The shelter took to social media to express their support for Bass, urging an end to the negativity directed at him. They highlighted Bass’s contributions to the organization and his character, both on and off the field.

Bass acknowledged his role in the Bills’ playoff exit immediately after the game, but his teammate Josh Allen emphasized the collective responsibility of the team. The Bills fanbase, known for its passion and generosity, is demonstrating its support for Bass through these charitable contributions, continuing a tradition of rallying behind their players in times of need, as seen previously with efforts for players like Josh Allen and Damar Hamlin.


With all the craziness happening in the world today, it’s nice to hear something positive for a change. I’m sure this article won’t get a ton of traction, because (unfortunately) we have entered this phase of humanity where humans crave constant drama. This isn’t to say that there hasn’t always been a place for drama as entertainment for humanity because women have always existed. There’s just a lot more outspoken “sassy” men now. So, it’s nice to take a breather from people being awful to each other and celebrate good things when they happen. Facts.

Do you have any stories about goodwill involving human-to-human interaction?

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