Tennessee Titans Hire Brian Callahan As Next Head Coach

By CJ Carlson

The Tennessee Titans were one of the many teams that decided to part ways with their head coach following a disappointing season. That head coach was Mike Vrabel, one of the most renowned and respected head coaches around. So, of course, whoever they hired to replace him would be under the microscope to see if it was worth it. Well, the team has made a decision, and they’ve hired the Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan.

Callahan met with the Titans for a second interview earlier in the week, with scheduled interviews with other teams such as the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers. However, Callahan didn’t even head over to those meetings, sticking around in Tennessee until a deal got done. Clearly, the Tennessee Titans felt strongly about what he could provide them moving forward and didn’t want other teams to get a chance to poach him.


Tennessee Titans Hoping To Drastically Improve Their Offense

Brian Callahan is a guy that gets a ton of credit for the development of quarterback Joe Burrow in the league. He was working alongside him since he was drafted, so that connection is very apparent. Plus, it fits into exactly what the Titans are looking for, a new quarterback. I would assume that the team feels like Callahan could find and mold another star signal caller for their franchise.

It might not even need to be a high draft pick either. Callahan lost Burrow for the majority of this season with an injury, and Jake Browning came out of nowhere to keep them competitive down the stretch of the season. Maybe there’s a chance that he can do something similar to Will Levis.

Tennessee was ranked 27th or worse in both points scored and yards gained in the last two seasons. That’s been the largest and most glaring issue for the Titans franchise as of late. It’s an area that Callahan will need to improve if people are going to think that firing Vrabel was the right decision. If this hiring doesn’t work and the Titans continue to flounder, there’s going to be a ton of talk regarding the decision to part ways with Vrabel, who’ll likely get another head coaching job elsewhere.