The Magic Are #2 in The East and Are Legit


By Dylan Spaulding

The Orlando Magic may be the talk of the town heading into their Sunday night match against the Charlotte Hornets.

Coming in on a six-game win streak, knocking off the Nuggets and most recently, the Boston Celtics in their In-Season Tournament finale, the team from O-Town are one of the hottest and most surprising teams of the season so far and it’s how they are winning which has surprised many.

To begin the year, the team currently holds six players averaging double digits, including an unlikely suspect in Moritz Wagner, who put 27 points up against Boston on Friday, but, although that stat may not seem as important, it does show how unselfish the team has been in relying on different contributors.

While players such as Banchero and Franz Wagner have been getting their standard stats, having other guys around the team step up is something that has not only been promising to see, but vital for a team that is looking for greater here in 2023-24.

By relying on the hot hand, it creates unpredictability, while also writing the narrative that team is playing into the game based on who’s hot in that game, which has seemed to work so far this season.


Beyond that, defensively, the team has been one of the more grittier teams beyond the paint, leading the league as a team with 9.4 steals per game, keeping pressure and teams from producing offensively.

This has helped keep away the runs so far this season and has made the Magic one of the more prominent defenses in the NBA early.

Also, to be able to beat teams such as the Celtics, Lakers, Nuggets and even Bucks here in the month of November, it has brought confidence to a group that truly needs it.

While talented, having a group of players that are younger in the league needs wins over teams that may be on a different level, and by grabbing these wins over the past month, it has shown that the team can hang with the big boys and stay competitive.

Many fans still wonder how long this run of success can last given how long and grinding the season is but there are bright spots that show that Magic can at least contend to be in the playoffs or even the Play-In come in April depending on where they are amongst the East.

There is even a chance the team could be fighting for a championship here in a few weeks depending on the outcome of the Nets-Raptors game Tuesday with Orlando giving themselves a shot to steal their group in the In-Season Tournament.

Only time will tell, but the Magic are looking to be back in the picture again, something that is truly great all around not only for the city and team, but even the league.


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