Warriors lose close one and scored 80 points off bench

By Steven Luker

Suns 118 Warriors 116

Season high off the bench

The Golden State Warriors have set a season high 80 points from players on the bench. The Warriors had five players from the bench that had double figures. The 80 points from the bench is also a league high as well.

Draymond Green tossed again

Tonight Draymond Green just received his third ejection this season and this time Green for doing a spinning backhand to Jusaf Nurikc face. Expect possible a fine or suspension or even both we will have to wait to see. This was Green’s 20th ejection of his career and only nine away to tie Rasheed Wallace with 29 ejections.


30 first half 3 pointers

The Warriors set a season high 30 three pointers in the first half. Stephen Curry shot number 30 for the Warriors at three point one seconds left of the game. The Memphis Grizzlies who had  32 3 point attempts have attempted more 3-pointers in a half this season.

Next for Warriors

The Warriors will be ending the road trip in Los Angeles to play the Clippers on Thursday and then they will return home to play on Saturday vs. the Brooklyn Nets.

Some key stats

Dario Saric who for the Warriors scored 15 points off the bench, this makes Saric who has been able to score in double figures in 11 of the last 13 games. The Warriors’ last four losses on the road have been down to be combined with seven points in the contests. This is the fourth double double this season for Chris Paul and is his ninth game he has scored double figures. Also this is Paul’s sixth game where he has ten assists in a game. Brandin Podziemski, the rookie for the Warriors recorded his first ever double double. This is Podziemski second time scoring 20 or more points this season.

The last time the Warriors had five players from reserve with at least 20 points. This happened when the reserves scored in double-figures on 11/9/2009 vs. Minnesota. The players that did so were Anthony Randolph (23), Anthony Morrow (20), C.J. Watson (13), Corey Maggette eleven and Acie Law with ten points.

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