Embattled PGA Commissioner Jay Monohan Hospitalized

Published by Bear Acuda

(PGA Commissioner Jay Monohan) 

PGA Commissioner Jay Monohan has not had a good couple weeks.

First, he had to lay down & submit to the financial chokehold of LIV Golf controlling financier Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after a year-long struggle to convince PGA fans & athletes that LIV was a farce not to be recognized.

Then, the internet began playing all his soundbytes where he used victims of 9/11 as a way to guilt American PGA fans into not supporting LIV (causing an immediate backlash of his cowardice & shamefulness; rightfully so). And now reports are coming out about the embattled PGA commish being hospitalized. I’m no medical practitioner, but it would not be shocking to find that his recently tarnished name is linked to his medical issues. 

But a guy this shameful will no doubt play the Victim Card and blame the public for his current health issues while citing Mental Health blahblahblah to gain sympathy. Only there will be none.

“Why ‘blahblahblah’ when speaking about Mental Health, Count Acuda? Do you not take it seriously, because there is a real epidemic….”

Let me stop you right there.

Yes, I do take mental health seriously. So much so, that I call out bullshit when people dishonestly use it to their advantage. Ever heard of a little story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? Well, if you haven’t, here’s the premise:

A little boy pretends he’s being attacked by a wolf so many times that when he is actually being attacked by a wolf, nobody believes him.

People are so quick to call on Mental Health or Mental Illness to help excuse them from any time things aren’t going their way, and in many cases, as a result of their own doing. Those used to be called “consequences”. And whatever happened to just “having a ?”

By today’s standards, the hook for Daniel Powter’s  Bad Day will have to be changed to “so you’ve had an episode of mental illness & it’s totally unfair so we should all praise you for your bravery in coming forward while also giving you a safe space to exist so you don’t have to deal with life”.

Yes. I’m such a meanie. And if this offends you…..sorry…..triggers you…..then you’re a weinee. Buck up, little one. Like the little boy in the story, the more you play the Victim Card, the less powerful it becomes. Then, like the Commish, when you play that card as a result of your own mess (hypothetically), people can sense the dishonesty and are more likely to not only believe your cries for help less, but others as well.

Dishonesty. Such a powerful word.

A wise woman once told me “trust is the easiest thing to lose & the hardest thing to gain back.”

I’ve followed that motto my entire life. Does this mean I’m not dishonest? Of course not. Nobody is perfect. Have I told a white lie to spare someone’s feelings? You better believe it. “Sure, I’d love to help you with that.” But I’m not referring to expressing your feelings when helping others.

I’m not even referring to over-using Mental Health as a scapegoat. What I am referring to is the dishonesty of this man, Jay Monohan, firing up the people who suffered tragedies on 9/11, using their stories as a way to help gain sympathy for the “cause” of the morally sound & “patriotic” PGA, only to erase all their pleas & stories for money.

That’s it. Money.

Saudi Arabia is known for its human rights, from the assassination US journalist (Washington Post) & Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi to their outright ban of independent human rights organizations. Public Executions, torturing, religious persecution, women being seen as just a piece of meat for procreation use…..I could keep going. And you want to talk about an income gap?

There is a level of poverty rarely seen on American streets. Sure, we have people shitting in their hands & smoking crack within arms reach of kindergarten playgrounds, but that’s because drug addicts have the freedom to shoot up whenever & wherever they like. That is freedom on a whole other level (albeit, a destructive amount). The only Americans who visit & support Saudi Arabia are greedy business types & affirmation-thirsty affluents who want to take part in luxurious grandiosity.

Do we need to have a standing relationship with Saudi Arabia? Yes, for now.

Until we stop seeing fossil fuel as the enemy instead of the tool to help upgrade the world towards an infrastructure that can handle green methods of energy, we will never become energy independent. Keep in mind, America sits on the cleanest natural gas & cleanest fossil fuels in the world. It will take a shift in our political leaders’ view of the relationship between fossil fuels & climate change.

That isn’t coming for another 1.5 – 2 years, so our need to be on speaking terms with Saudi Arabia & their oil is important. Drilling is the only other option. But that would only make gas cheaper in the United States. What a stupid idea.

Outside of our need for their gas, we need nothing from Saudi Arabia. We certainly didn’t need their cute little golf tournaments. They would’ve been a flash-in-the-pan had the PGA had some chops and not go all alarmist on LIV’s one year in existence. MBS is literally doing what Eric Bischoff did with WCW in the mid-90s during the “Monday Night Wars”. The WWF (WWE as we know it today) was the unchallenged leader of Monday night wrestling.

GM Eric Bischoff was a young gun with his own MBS-style blank check writer in media mogul Ted Turner (Atlanta Braves, TNT, CNN). And similar to Bischoff signing big name has-beens to ludacris guaranteed contracts (never seen before for sports entertainment) MBS began offering hundreds of millions of dollars to PGA members like Phil Mickelson & Tiger Woods.

Woods was even egregiously offered a BILLION (with a B) DOLLAR$ to play exclusively for LIV. LIV also made the pots bigger in the tournament prize pool while padding their contracts with other Saudi-like luxury. They literally took a stack of cash & told LIV GM Greg Norman to “go buy American”. And he did.

Problem for LIV is they don’t have an NWO to make them revolutionary, anti-hero cool. They’ve got a couple yesteryear legends like Macho Man, Ric Flair, & Hulk Hogan (Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods) have some stars who have current clout like Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (Brooks Koepka & Bryson DeChambeau), but Woods aka Hogan has already done the anti-hero thing.

Short of Koepka &DeChambeau jumping people in the clubhouse & Gretzky’s daughter aka Mrs. Dustin Johnson being a cart girl, LIV had no storyline; nothing that separated them from the dominant PGA. LIV was just a bunch of spoiled brat royals with oil money who bought a golf league. They would’ve never overtaken the PGA. But Monohan had to go and do the stupidest thing he could have possibly done. 

He decided to make them legit.

So, if you think your indigestion, heartburn, or anxiety is about to cease, JayJay, think again. Your troubles are just beginning. I won’t even get into the politics of what’s about to happen to you. The upcoming congressional overview into your merger paperwork is sure to have you on an IV of Pepto Bismol in the foreseeable future.

Maybe you can blame 9/11.

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