Michael Chandler Claims He’ll “Retire” Conor McGregor


By AJ Johnson

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor will meet in the Octagon on June 29th, and the excitement is certainly building. Chandler has been waiting for this moment ever since his last fight against Dustin Poirier. A fight that came in November 2022 at UFC 281. 

Michael Chandler Remained Patient

Chandler has since wanted to square off with McGregor after they were coaches against one another during Season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. However, he had to be extremely patient due to McGregor taking a break and filming a movie called Road House, released earlier in 2024. Now that all of Conor’s obligations towards that film are over, he’s free to get back into the UFC world and Chandler was an easy matchup.

 It’s been announced that the fight will be in the welterweight division, meaning McGregor will have a good size advantage. However, Chandler hasn’t felt deterred. He said, “You have to buy this PPV because this could be the last time that you ever see Conor McGregor fight. I truly believe that what I’m going to do to him on June 29th is going to warrant and merit him never stepping back into the Octagon. With that being said, Conor might be able to pull off the greatest comeback in sports history.” 

Conor McGregor Has A Big Challenge Ahead

McGregor hasn’t fought in years now, with his last bout winding up in a brutal loss to Dustin Poirier. One that saw him break his ankle, something that had the potential to be a career-ending injury for him. His return to the Octagon wasn’t a surer thing, though he’s been able to work his way back into fighting shape before following a hiatus. After he lost a grudge match to Khabib Nurmagomedov, he knocked out Donald Cerrone in the first round of his next fight, which came two years after the loss. This multi-year break is different, with McGregor focusing on the Road House movie and having to rehab a broken ankle. 

It might be wild to imagine, but the winner of this fight might just launch themselves into title contention in the welterweight division.