Andrew Moloney Retires Immediately After Controversial Defeat


By AJ Johnson

Andrew Moloney made a statement in the boxing ring when he decided to retire after a controversial scorecard defeat. The split-decision loss to Pedro Guevara was the final straw, and he is adamant that he was in full control of that bout. 

Moloney had control in the early rounds, though the fight tightened up later on in the competition. Two of the judges scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Guevara, with the other ruling on the side of Moloney with a 116-113 score. When the winner was revealed and Moloney was questioned about the fight in the ring shortly after, he said, “I’m done with this sport. That’s the last you’ll see of me. I want to thank my sponsors. I’m retired, I’m out. I love you all, but sorry, f*** that. I felt in total control. I did what I had to do in there tonight to get the win. I don’t want to make excuses, but I went into this fight with a torn bicep, so I couldn’t throw the left hook unless I needed to. I didn’t feel like I needed to throw it because I was in total control.”

Andrew Moloney Doubled Down

After taking some time, Moloney was questioned again about the fight, mostly to see if his decision to retire was still standing. Instead of backing away from that claim once he settled down, he reiterated that he was just over boxing in general. He said, “Honestly, I should say I’m shocked, but I’ve been here before in this sport. It’s corrupt as anything.” On top of that, he let his thoughts be known as to how the fight should have been scored, stating, “I thought I won 10 rounds to two. I should have been walking home with that belt. I’ve given my life to this sport for 20 years. That’s twice they’ve ripped me off for a world title.” 

Reporters caught up with Guevara to hear his thoughts on his opponent’s words, and he instantly offered a rematch if Moloney would want to take it. As of right now though, it’s certainly not looking like Moloney will be getting back into the boxing ring ever again.