Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: BB Week in Review


By Ron Johnson

To say the least, this ish is truly going to have some nuts in it. After a wild trade deadline in MLB that saw Justin Verlander, Jack Flaherty and Max Scherzer find new homes, the biggest shakeup transpired in the last 48 hours with another round of chaos on the horizon this weekend. But as predicted and known, the best is yet to come.

Women’s World Cup Continues the Women’s Revolution

The Women’s World Cup is still going in ‘The Land Down Under’ as Spain and Japan have advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Japan punched its ticket with a 3-1 win over Norway and will face the winner of Sunday’s matchup between Team USA and Sweden. The way that the Women’s Team has played up to this point, they should have themselves an easy W against the Swedes and set up a showdown with the Japanese Squad. 

As for Spain, they sent the Swiss team back to the chocolate factory with an easy 5-1 win over the Group A winners. After dominating the Swiss in the first half with four huge goals, the Spaniards kept the punishment going all the way to the final whistle adding another goal to seal the deal. While they may have finished second in Group C behind Japan, Spain has shown that they are just as hungry as the remaining teams. They are currently tied with the USWNT as the second betting favorites to win it all only behind England. pastedGraphic_1.png

From Pac-12 to Pac-0?

It appears that the emergency meeting did not do the Pac-12 any favors as the exodus has begun for one of the longest-existing conferences in the country. Despite the emergency meeting, the conference saw the departure of Oregon and Washington to the Big Ten Conference. But that was only the start of the madness of a conference that has seen its share of insanity. With USC and UCLA already joined the Big Ten, the conference now gets what it desired, which was a Pac-North presence and more competition for its resident powerhouses, Michigan and Ohio State. But that was just the beginning.

Following the departure of four of its biggest schools, three more decided to follow suit as Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State join Colorado in the Big 12 Conference. Big 12 is still reeling from the departure of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, but they have bounced back in a major way as they get four of the Pac-12’s biggest names in its conference. Big 12 already added BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF to its pride, but now they add Utah, Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado to the mix. I’m guessing losing two but gaining eight has worked out well for the conference which will most likely become the Big 16. 

This leaves only four teams in what was known as the Pac-12: Cal, Oregon State, Stanford and Washington State. But it is safe to say that I would not be surprised if at least two of these teams join other conferences as well. To say the least, well the picture says it all:


The Pauls Take Over a Sports-Packed Saturday   You cannot go anywhere without hearing something about either Jake Paul or his brother Logan. Tonight will be no different as you will have to hear about BOTH Paul Brothers. On a nice start to the end of the summer, Jake will step into the boxing ring once more. But this time, it won’t be a run of the mill fight as while he has taken down some heavy hitters in the ring, his latest opponent will not be a pushover. After leaving UFC, Nate Diaz has been looking to carve his own path and not give the pompous, portly walrus known as Dana White another massive cut of his earnings. On Saturday night, the two will collide at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The card will also feature Amanda Serrano and Heather Hardy battling for the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring featherweight belts. So even if Jake isn’t your cup of tea, you will at least have options available. 


While this much anticipated bout will be taking place in the Lone Star State, Jake will have to share the spotlight albeit briefly with this brother. Hours and miles north, Logan Paul will be stepping into the squared circle for another WWE match tonight as WWE presents Summerslam in the Motor City. Logan is slated to face WWE superstar Ricochet in a match that has become highly personal. While Paul is trying to prove that he belongs (and bear in mind that he had an exceptional match with Roman Reigns IMO), Ricochet has taken the shots from Paul very personal. Paul took it as far as to take digs at Ricochet’s girlfriend, Samantha Irvin, who works as a ring announcer for WWE. While the Paul Brothers are known for getting clout by any means necessary, have these two gone too far in their quest for fame and fortune?

The Tribe has Spoken 

summer slam

When one gets too big for their britches, there’s a very good chance they will face consequences and corrections. We all have had this happen, and tonight, we get to see it happen Samoan Style. Tonight, WWE looks to get one over after a monumental and eventful week for AEW. After Dynamite’s 200th episode (from a company even Dave Meltzer can’t touch), WWE will finish the week with its annual Block Party of the Summer. 

Tonight will see the finale of the saga between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar, a triple threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship, a conclusion to a seven year war and even an internet star leaving seeing stars. And while all eyes will be on the two Money in the Bank winners, Iyo Sky and Damian Priest, there is still no telling what kind of anarchy will be awaiting Detroit tonight. But this all pales in comparison for a match that is only seen on the Isle of Samoa amongst family, bloodlines and tribes: Tribal Combat.

Little is known about Tribal Combat away from the island, but what is known about it now in WWE terms is this: No disqualifications, anything goes, no holds barred. To put it mildly, a superstar can use any methods necessary to eliminate their opponent and any means to render them defeated. This year’s participants will have more than just a championship to vie for…they will have the right to call themselves The Tribal Chief as well. 

Tonight, ‘The Head of the Table’ Roman Reigns will collide once more with his cousin ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso, but the stakes have indeed been raised. Even bigger than their battle years ago inside Hell in a Cell and even bigger than Reigns’ Last Man Standing Match with Lesnar a year ago. As made official by Uso last month following an assault that sent his brother Jimmy to the hospital, and by the suggestion of The Elders, Jey and Roman will battle not just for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, but they will also fight for the ‘Ulafala,’ beads that are worn only by the highest of chiefs in the tribe. If you are trying to figure out what that means, it means that Roman Reigns and Jey Uso will go to war in Tribal Combat for the title of champion AND the title of Tribal Chief.

After three-plus years as champion, has Roman’s time finally come to an end? Or will members of the WWE Universe continue to have to ACKNOWLEGE HIM?

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