Lake Tahoe ECHL team coming in 2024-2025


By Steven Luker

Lake Tahoe: New Home of the ECHL

It was announced this week that the ECHL is giving the seal of approval to have a team in Lake Tahoe but the team will be based in Stateline Nevada. The owner of the team might shock everyone it is nor other than former florida quarterback Tim Tebow and former baseball player.

There is 12 potential team names for this club and they are as follows: Tahoe Tessie, Tahoe Whitecaps,Tahoe Trees Tahoe Blizzard, Tahoe Lakers, Tahoe Blue, Tahoe Zephyr, Tahoe Neon, Tahoe Bronze Knights, Tahoe Turquoise, Tahoe Sun Burn, and Tahoe Tebows. These are the 12 possible names according to the article.

There is still time and stuff with this team and a lot of time to see where they are playing out of. I feel Tahoe will be a good hockey fan base since it is in the mountains and they always have cold weather so this might make the fan base good.


This news came during the week as well and now we are seeing Tim Tebow is making history. I feel this can potentially be a really successful team and the location and there is still plenty of time to see what will happen. I also think if there’s a better place to place a hockey team in a city Lake Tahoe is a good place to do it since this is going to make Another thing I feel is if we think of this the team will be the first team in both Nevada and California.

This also was improved by the ECHL so they are making it happen. Another thing is with them coming in it will be able to make The ECHL proudly welcomes the 29th Member Team to the League in the brand-new Tahoe Blue Event Center, expanding our geography in the western part of the continent, and creating natural rivalries for visiting fans with the Idaho Steelheads, Utah Grizzlies, and the entire Mountain Division,” ECHL commissioner Ryan Crelin said Monday in a statement.

So if you see there are three teams within the area.This can be the first team in California since the Reign, and the Bakersfield Condors were in the ECHL. Both teams are still around but they are in the AHL league. There will be a lot of things going to happen. I feel this team is going to be great for the city and potentially make hockey played in more places like Tahoe in the future to help small towns grow and make a fan base.

If you look around, the closest hockey team is possibly Bakersfield and San Jose. Another thing about hockey in Lake Tahoe is that. The ECHL is a minor league hockey organization that has teams affiliated with NHL franchises. Lake Tahoe’s only previous hockey team was the Lake Tahoe Blue, which became the Tahoe Icemen. They played from 2013 to ’18 in the now-defunct Western States Hockey League, a junior hockey league so this was the last known hockey league and team that played in Tahoe.


What are your thoughts on Tahoe getting awarded a hockey team do you think it can be a good thing or can it lead to something bad. Let us know what you think down in the comments with what you think will happen. What I feel will happen is that it can be a great thing to bring hockey into Tahoe because you can build a great fan base there and they can make all the people find something to cheer for and watch instead of going on the mountains doing skiing or sitting inside and trying to stay warm during the winter.

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