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The enthusiasm surrounding Taylor Swift’s connection to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is making its way to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, with sports betting circles taking particular interest.

Although U.S. sportsbooks are limited by state regulations, including those in Nevada, which restrict subjective prop bets, they are finding inventive ways to engage fans of Swift. These offerings include thematic bets that, while not directly about Swift, are inspired by her or her relationship with Kelce.

Several Online Sports Betting Platforms Are Pushing Taylor Swift Prop Bets

Online sports betting platform ESPN BET has introduced several Swift-inspired betting options, such as “Swift Action” (a prop bet for a touchdown within the first two minutes), listed at +1200), “Taylor’s Tailors’ husband” (a prop on whether fullback Kyle Juszczyk will score a touchdown, +900), and “MVP Swelce” (odds on Kelce being named Super Bowl MVP, +1500). They also have a section labeled “Swelce Specials,” full of bets related to Kelce’s performance.

Clearly, ESPN reads my reports on Bleacher Brothers and is trying to make “Swelce” a thing, since “Tayvis” was already taken, thanks to Ranger Ric aka Uncle Rico.

NFL/Sports Gambling Establishments Plan To Cash-In on “New Betors” aka Females New To Football

It’s abundantly obvious by now that this was the plan all along.

The NFL has been pulling the strings with sports gambling establishments all year, and it, once again, didn’t even try to hide it during last weeks AFC Championship game, where the NFL’s #1 team managed to double the penalties of their opponent, at home. With reports of Swift bringing-in an extra $300 million dollars for the NFL just by her existence at Chiefs’ games, it is clear that this financial skeem was orchestrated.

Sorry, Buffalo and Baltimore.


Many of the most popular online sports betting establishments are leaping onto the Taylor Swift-themed prop bets. STN Sports, based in Nevada, is presenting a “Tight End vs. Pop Star” prop, comparing Kelce’s receptions in the game to Swift’s ten platinum albums.

Kelce remains a popular figure in prop betting, being BetMGM’s biggest liability for Super Bowl MVP (+1400), and leading in bets placed for scoring a touchdown (-110). His reception prop is also among the top bets, with overwhelming support for the over on 6.5 receptions (-140).

At FanDuel, Kelce is the leading choice for bets on an anytime touchdown scorer (26%) and is also prominent in wagers for being the first touchdown scorer (34% of bets and 23% of the handle). DraftKings also sees Kelce as a top bet for first touchdown scorer and as a favorite for scoring at any point in the game.

Kelce also tops ESPN BET’s markets for Super Bowl MVP (20.4%, +1400), first touchdown scorer (13.6%, +750), and anytime touchdown scorer (+105).

In Ontario, Canada, where betting regulations are less strict, TheScore Bet is offering props on the color of Swift’s top at kickoff, excluding outerwear, with red as the favorite. Odds are also available for whether Swift will be shown during the national anthem, halftime show, and how many times she appears on the CTV broadcast.

Another intriguing prop is whether Swift will be mentioned in the Super Bowl MVP’s speech, with TheScore Bet offering “Yes” at +550, while other Canadian sportsbooks offer slightly different odds.

Although sportsbooks haven’t reported a significant uptick in new Swelce-related bets, the interest may grow as the game on February 11 approaches. Caesars is keeping an eye on the betting patterns of casual bettors next week.

“Travis Kelce is going to get bets regardless, as he’s one of the most popular players in the league. Next week, when the more casual bettors start betting is something we’ll be interested in.”

-Caesars Assistant Director of Trading, Adam Pullen

Adding to the excitement, FanDuel Canada has opened betting on whether Kelce will propose to Swift on the field after the game, with “Yes” at +1060 odds and 55% of the bets, indicating that some bettors were prompt to engage with the option. However, the odds have shifted significantly since opening.

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