COVERLICIOUS: CFB/NFL Picks for 10/14-17


An Uncle Rico Production



Time for the BBSN to put our money where our mouth is. Rather, it’s time for me & Ted Money to put our money where our mouth is.

For those of you checking out the Bleacher Brothers Sports Network for the first time, we are a coast-to-coast sports media company touching each coast of American sports. Everything from Nascar to Sports Entertainment to Sports Betting. Being for the people, by the people, gives us the opportunity to create relationships & make contacts in areas previously ignored. This allows us the inside track of LIVE breaking news as it happens.

One of those new relationships is with Ted Money of The Sports Prophets. Teddy Duckets is a professional sports bettor and he’s teamed up with your’s truly to launch the new hit sports gambling show “Coverlicious” for Bleacher Brothers. Every Thursday @7pm EST (before the Thursday Night Football game) we go LIVE on the No Filter Network to give away FREE MONEY. The only catch is it comes in the form of free picks. 

Yeah, we get it. Everybody says they are professional sports gamblers now. Even worse, everyone thinks they are good at it. I also fell into these categories.

It wasn’t until I learned veteran tips from a guy who lives in the trenches, making his living betting on sports, that I realized there were tricks of the trade that one can utilize before laying down heavy money. Anything from “sharp money” to “line movement arithmetic,” we cover the “Do’s & Don’ts” of sports betting.


And the best part……

We gave absolute “Lock-It-Up” coverlicious picks FREE OF CHARGE. Even more important, we don’t judge ourselves by the winners we pick, but the losers. We are open books, & lay our reputations on the line, every week. And we guarantee that each season, we WILL pick more winners than losers.

In fact, I dare you to create a spreadsheet tracking our picks for statistical analysis, later on. Hell, I might even pay you for it (that is, if you can sell me on laying down a value bet in your name).

Betting & gambling is an economic goldmine for a reason……the house always wins. It’s crafted that way.

So you might as well get some free advice to help sand down some of your rough gambling edges.


And since you sat through this mildly drawn out sales pitch of why you should check out “Coverlicious” Thursdays @7pm on the No Filter Network, here are some free picks from me & Ted Money.


Air Force -9.5

Alabama (1H) -10

Oregon St Moneyline or -2.5 (value bet)

USC +2.5


DET -2.5

LAC +2.5

WAS +2.5

Bet safe.

But more importantly, bet smart. Good luck, Bleacher Creatures!

***Link Below to this weeks show**

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