Joey Biden & The Bidenomics:


An Explanation of “Bidenomics”

An Uncle Rico Production

“It’s hard to tell really. But he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq.”

-President Joey Biden on “Putin’s War”

Oh, Joey.

President Biden was at his best again today when asked about the recent developments over the weekend in Russia regarding a mutiny with Wagner mercenary chief Yevegeny Prigozhin. His response was Putin is losing the war in Iraq. This would be BREAKING NEWS, if I didn’t come out of the mouth of our Gaffe in Chief.

Fortunately (and unfortunately), the world & America’s citizens no longer believe what is coming out of our president’s mouth; despite a vigorous effort by his bagmen, handlers, and supporters who try to erase them from existence. It’s taken Legacy Media a while to get on board, but even the CNN, NY Times, & WaPos can’t ignore the blunders.

MSNBC is still holding strong, though.

Take his speech today in front of a Chicagan audience (in theory) at the Old Post Office. Only in a country where “failing upwards” has become the national pastime could a person give a speech where he took victory laps over the economy he said was “booming forward” while it has record high inflation, interest rates at historic highs (and still rising) and nearly bad statistics for every category since the start of his presidency. When he does manage to find statistics bearing “historic turnarounds” in the short term it is only because he & his supporters in Congress had overspent incredulously, then took breaks from extravagant spending long enough for markets to reset.

Let me put it to you this way:

You have a lemonade stand that consistently sells 100 glasses of lemonade each month at $1 a glass. That’s $100 a month, for a total of $1200 that year. But its growth numbers stay at 0%.

The next door neighbor takes over that lemonade stand, using the profits to buy a bunch of decorations & free hand-out giveaways for marketing purposes. But they forget to buy the ingredients for lemonade. Using what money they have left over, they buy the ingredients but charge $5 a glass to make up for the money they spent. 

The first month, only 10 people buy lemonade. $50. Same for the next month.

But by March, it grows by 1 person each month until it reaches 20 customers by December for a grand total of $875 for the year.

The first person made $1200; the second, $875. But the growth of the second stand was a whopping 100% for the year! The first stand was at 0% growth.

This is where Biden finds his numbers. 

All you have to do is ignore the initial 1000% deficit at the beginning that you created and you can take credit for the growth after. As long as the customer is blind/deaf/dumb, unable to understand basic math, and the people reporting are getting kick backs (greasing the wheels of the media so they’ll print “your” numbers), you’ll be a gravy train on biscuit wheels.

*If you found a problem with the “blind/deaf/dumb” reference, chances are……

He bottomed out the economy so bad that even someone with the most basic economic sensibility could make improvements. So when those improvements came at historical highs, it was only because they were at historical lows. Lows which were caused by printing money.

SPOILER ALERT: History never looks fondly upon countries who print money. NOT ONE.

Here is the problem.

Joey has lied too often, and now the cocks are coming home to roost. Not one of the non-partisan voting polls shows satisfaction with the way Biden has handled the economy. Some polls even have him at 90% with voters having no confidence in our economy’s future. And how does he celebrate his economy with suffering American’s, the majority of whom are living paycheck to paycheck?

He rips the term “Bidenomics” from a Wall Street Journal article; an article knocking Joey for his lack of prowess.

He was literally convinced to use a negative term in an article blasting him as the headline of his new political makeover heading into 2024 as if it wouldn’t remind voters how bad things have been the past few years. Nevermind the fact that he continues to give speeches which, by fact-checking accounts, brandish ratings like “Bottomless Pinocchios”. American people are done with his effortless lying. 

Ever notice whenever he says the words “No, I’m serious” he always follows it with a lie? 

Or how about when he quotes his father, like when he first realized the beauty of gay men kissing.

“I can remember exactly when my epiphany was. I hadn’t thought much about it, to tell you the truth. I was a senior in high school and my dad was dropping me off … [I was] about to get out of the car and I look to my right, and two well-dressed men in suits kissed each other. I turned and looked at my dad, and he said, ‘Joey, it’s simple, they love each other.’ … It’s just that simple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s same-sex or a heterosexual couple, you should be able to be married. What is the problem?”

Well, Joey, the problem isn’t with what message you were trying to send. The problem is you were full of shit; that story never happened. Why just a few years before, you were referencing America as going to “Hades in a handbasket” while speaking out in support of pal & then-President Barack Obama in his efforts to squash gay marriage. And now all of a sudden you are a champion for gay rights?

Which is it?

Now, we won’t knock the man for having a change in opinion. Change & evolving one’s outlook in a positive way should happen more often, and be supported when it does. Gay men kissing, straight-men kissing……both can be beautiful in their own rights. We don’t necessarily have to agree with one’s personal choices & opinions, but we should be able to respect their rights to choose.

The point is, Joey isn’t being knocked for changing his mind. He’s being knocked because his timeline doesn’t add up, and it’s another clear example of him lying.

As a child, he learned that gay couples were normal & acceptable. As Vice President of the United States, you would think that he’d have taken that lesson with him to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Instead, that lesson somehow disappeared, which is more the Biden way than anything…

Making something disappear.


(Hunter Biden rubbing elbows at the White House State dinner Thursday night for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi)

(Hunter Biden threatens to withhold money from an employee of the family’s empire if she didn’t FaceTime him naked)

“Set up a phone so I can spy on you showering”

-Hunter Biden, son of President Joey Biden

So, a decade later, he remembers the conversation he’d had with his father, and uses that as evidence of a lifetime of LQBTQIA2RS+- advocacy. Problem is, much like everything he does, nobody believes him. And rightfully so. Ask the gay adults who were around when he gave that notorious aforementioned interview. They didn’t forget. Just keeping it real.

Biden has a track record of lying to benefit himself, dating back all the way to his first presidential run in 1987 when he over-embellished on academic resume. 

Ole “Middle Class Joe” got popped long before Y2K and yet the hits just keep on coming. 

But how far back does it go?

That’s what we’ll be examining tomorrow in:

Joey Biden & The Bidenomics, Part III

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