2023 Mighty Seattle Kraken Making Playoff History


The Seattle Kraken are making some playoff history in the current NHL Playoffs. During round one of the NHL playoffs the Kraken was considered the number one Wild Card team and they had to face the defending Stanley Cup Champions Colorado Avalanche which was the number one seed of the West side of the bracket.

Seattle Kraken History

Before we get into this matchup lets take a look at some of the history of the Seattle Kraken and wonder how they got to this match up.

Let go back to the day December 2018 with them the Seattle Hockey Partners got approved by the NHL in the year 2018 to be an expansion team and make the city of Seattle. In July of 2020 the Kraken was the name. There were a total of 12 different names for the teams and it will be such as The Seattle Rainiers, Seattle Evergreens, Seattle Seals. Seattle Emeralds, Seattle Sea Lions, Seattle Sockeyes, Seattle Whales, Seattle Eagles, Seattle Totems, Seattle Cougars, Seattle, Firebirds, and Seattle Renegades.

These names are the 12 different names that were possible for the Seattle team. But they decided on the Kraken as their team name. Then let fast forward to April 30th 2021 where the Kraken made their final payment to be expansion team and it was a total of 650 million dollars. When the Kraken came in they did some fixes to the conferences and to spread it all out evenly 8 teams each.

The first GM for the Kraken was Ron Francis and then they hired their first head coach, former flyers coach Dave Hakstol, to lead the team.

The Kraken playing venue was Climate Pledge Arena; it used to host Seattle Supersonics who relocated to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. The NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, and the Seattle Mariners were the only two teams that were in a major sport at the time when the Supersonics left.

Now let’s fast forward to today to what the Kraken have been up to in the playoffs in 2023. The Kraken came in as a wildcard team and they faced the last season champions Colorado Avalanche. That series went seven games and you guess it the Kraken won the series and became the first team in NHL history to beat a defending champion in the first ever playoff series.

seattle kraken

The Kraken are trying to win more series right now they are facing the Dallas Stars and that series is 2-2 and do we wonder if the Kraken can keep it up.

The Kraken also introduced a new mascot this season called Buoy the Sea troll. So the Buoy troll is the nephew of the Fremont Troll and he is a hit for young fans. The Kraken last season had a dismal record of 27-49-6 record last season and was the second worst team in the western conference in the NHL.

The Kraken this Season improved  from last season with 19 additional wins, have less than 21 losses and just have two more ties. This shows you the team is improving each season so they can shock some people with what they have as for talent.The total of points for the Kraken that keeps track in the standings is at 100 compare to last seasons 60 points this is a 40 point jump and they did a lot of figuring out what to do.

Overall the Kraken can be a team to watch out for them in the playoffs this season if they can keep up with what they are doing now they can shock the world with what they can do.

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