XFL: Turning Dreams Into Reality


BY Ron Johnson

There were those who figured that the XFL’s third attempt at making something out of nothing would be a wash just like the first time. But let’s be real people: the second go-around was not their fault. Blame COVID. But this third round provided a little more than a few flukes as proven by the track record of signings.

The XFL Opportunity

The XFL gave these players an opportunity to prove that they are better than the ‘54’ moniker that hung around their necks prior to opening weekend. For those who are unfamiliar with football lingo, the moniker ‘54’ represents a football term meaning they are the odd man out of the official 53-man roster in the NFL. This past season, we saw a new crop of talent showed that they have indeed the right stuff. 

To say the least, the NFL was paying attention.

Arlington Renegades

Sal Cannella, TE: Seattle Seahawks

Garrett McGhin, OL: Buffalo Bills

Tomasi Laulife, DL: San Francisco 49ers

Victor Bolden, WR: Houston Texans

Bruce Hector, DL: New York Jets

Darren Evans, DB: New York Giants

Willie Taylor, LB: Jacksonville Jaguars


The Renegades were the team that all of us were irate with during championship week in the XFL. This was only because of their record and the fact that St. Louis was the odd team out when the regular season ended. But the Renegades shocked the world as they handed the DC Defenders their second loss of the year, which turned out to be a costly one as it was in the XFL Championship Game. No matter the circumstances, Bob Stoops knows talent, and thanks to his tutelage, many of the championship team will be playing their hearts out in the NFL in just a few weeks. 

DC Defenders

Josh Hammond, WR: Denver Broncos

Jordan Ta’amu, QB: Minnesota Vikings

Abram Smith, RB: Minnesota Vikings

Liam Ryan, OL: Seattle Seahawks

Chris Blair, WR: Atlanta Falcons

Brandon Smith, WR: Arizona Cardinals

Lucky Jackson, WR: Minnesota Vikings

Ferrod Gardner, LB: Washington Commanders

Daniel Whelan, PT: Green Bay Packers


The Defenders should not be upset that they lost the XFL Championship. In fact, they should give praise to its team for giving all of us a ton of fun from their fanbase that rivals Bills Mafia. Instead of tables, the Defenders provided the infamous Beer Snake. They also provided Washington, DC with some good vibes as prior to the start of their preseason, the Commanders were in dire straits.

The Vikings took opportunity to a completely different level as they practically signed as many players as possible from DC. With the addition of Abrams, Ta’amu and Jackson, the Vikings are making a power play to rectify the sad ending to last year’s playoff run.

Houston Roughnecks

Alex Mollette, OL: Detroit Lions

Chuck Wiley, DL: Cleveland Browns

Michael Bandy, WR: Denver Broncos

Jack Snyder, OL: Minnesota Vikings

Jack Heflin, DL: New Orleans Saints

C.J. Brewer, DL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Roughnecks were so close to the XFL Championship, yet they could not muster much against the Renegades. When the smoke cleared, they were defeated as much as dejected at the outcome. The good news for them though is that they were able to find the will and drive to honor their commitment to the players that gave their all to get them there. With several teams looking to beef up their offensive and defensive lines, one should not be surprised that a majority of the players signed from Houston were part of their impressive lines.

Bandy showed strides during his time with Houston, and this is probably why he was the only Roughnecks player not on the lines (for now) to get a deal in the NFL. The Broncos need help in the wide receiver capacity, and Jerry Jeudy is NOT going to complain about having to get all the work done.

Orlando Guardians

Caeveon Patton, DL: Atlanta Falcons

Charleston Rambo, WR: Philadelphia Eagles

Jordan Thomas, TE: Carolina Panthers

Despite not finishing the way they wanted, the Guardians did enough to get some names in the NFL. While Patton will look to right the defensive ship in Hotlanta, and Thomas looking to resurrect those Greg Olsen vibes in Carolina, all eyes will be on Rambo. The kid has mad skills that prove that he is a threat in the deep and the mid. Being a member of The U also helps as they have a reputation for providing top notch receivers. In a place like Philly, this is going to be a fun time to keep an eye on Rambo as Jalen Hurts will enjoy the time and AJ Brown will enjoy the backup.

San Antonio Brahmas

Matthew Gotel, DL: Atlanta Falcons/Seattle Seahawks

Delontae Scott, DL: Atlanta Falcons

Jacques Patrick, RB: Denver Broncos/Tennessee Titans

Derrick Kelly, OL: Cleveland Browns

Reid Sinnett, QB: Cincinnati Bengals

Rex Sunahara, LS: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kobe Smith, DL: New York Giants

Alize Mack, TE: Tennessee Titans

Luq Barcoo, CB: Tennessee Titans

John Parker Romo, K: Detroit Lions


Despite not doing enough to secure a spot in the XFL Championship in their backyard, Hines Ward got the Brahmas playing like champions weekly. Even though their record did not reflect it, this team had a lot of heart. Their defense was dangerous, which is why most of the talent signed to the NFL is on the defensive side of the ball. Patrick’s arrival to the XFL turned plenty of heads as he was one of two players (Gotel) on this squad to get signed twice. Expect Patrick to arrive on Sundays ready to unleash his own brand of madness, and do not be surprised if you see this Romo kicking the Lions into a potential Wild Card Game.

Seattle Sea Dragons

Juwan Green, WR: Kansas City Chiefs

Michal Menet, OL: Atlanta Falcons

Antwuan Jackson, DL: Carolina Panthers

Niko Lalos, LB: New Orleans Saints

Barry Wesley, T: Atlanta Falcons

Ben DiNucci, QB: Denver Broncos

Austin Faoliu, DE: Seattle Seahawks

Bryce Thompson, S: Miami Dolphins


The Dragons turned nothing into something as they took down the best of the best last season. They are the reason the Defenders lost their first game. They are the reason why the Battlehawks were not in the playoffs. And they are the reason that most of these players are back in the NFL. Former Dallas Cowboy DiNucci showed that he can be a dangerous threat through the air and on the ground.

He took advantage of the chance to shine in bunches in front of a loyal Seahawks fanbase. But to be real on this one: The fact that Josh Gordon has not been welcomed back to the NFL with open arms is a slap in the face. Pretty sure that he proved his value in bunches this past season with the Dragons. And honestly, every NFL team (mine included) needs someone as clutch as Gordon.

St. Louis Battlehawks

Elijah Hamilton, DB: Green Bay Packers

Carson Wells, LB: New England Patriots

Lavert Hill, DB: Pittsburgh Steelers

Nate Meadors, DB: Cleveland Browns

Mike Rose, LB: Miami Dolphins

Kevin Atkins, OL: New York Giants

Marcell Ateman, WR: Buffalo Bills

Darrius Shepherd, WR: Los Angeles Chargers

Hakeem Butler, WR: Pittsburgh Steelers

Jaryd Jones-Smith, T: Washington Commanders

Gary Jennings, WR: Carolina Panthers

LaCale London, DL: Atlanta Falcons

Lukas Denis, S: Atlanta Falcons


The Battlehawks made a lot of noise this season. They hold attendance records that will surely be shattered next season. And barring any major catastrophes, St. Louis should be one of the frontrunners for the XFL Championship next season. In the meantime, get ready for Sundays this fall in which some of the favorites will be making appearances. Ateman, Shepherd and Butler are all ready to light it up in the AFC, and Jennings will surely make some headaches in Carolina when he and Bryce Young get closer acquainted. But there are teams that have embraced the mantra of ‘Defense Wins Championships,’ which is why a bunch of the Battlehawk Defense finds itself in the NFL next season. 

Vegas Vipers

Pita Taumoepenu, OLB: New York Jets

Matthew Sexton, WR: Atlanta Falcons

John Lovett, RB: Pittsburgh Steelers

Brandon Dillion, TE: Washington Commanders


Rod Woodson may be out as coach of the Vipers, but that was by choice. The Vipers still had some players make enough of a splash to get into the NFL, and that was his main goal. The trio of Sexton, Lovett and Dillon did their best on offense, and not they will show fans why the XFL is not just a one trick pony. As for Pita, you will not find anyone that has the speed of Micah, agility of Polamalu and the strength of Romo that will fly around any and every chance he gets on that field. Being with the Jets should be a great chance to shine bright for him.

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