Week 8: Attention LA Rams: It’s Time

By Ron Johnson

To: Front Office, Los Angeles Rams

From: REAL and TRUE Rams Nation

To the Front Office,

I know you will not want to hear this. I know this will make you cringe in places you don’t believe in cringing. And to be honest, I’m here to tell you we don’t care. It’s time. It’s time to move on from Matthew Stafford and his quest to be whoever he is trying to be and bring in the next generation.

As much as you want to feel that he still got it, he doesn’t. As much as you believe that he’ll bring you to the promised land, he won’t. Yes, he has done it before and paid dividends when it mattered, it does not mean anything if all he is capable of doing is costing the team wins and points. What we saw on Sunday in an early game against a team who is trash in early games is downright embarrassing for anyone who can call themselves Rams fans. 


The reality is this: Either Sean McVay is not the guru you expected him to be, or Matthew Stafford is once again playing like a Detroit Lion. Either way, someone has to get their walking papers.

The proof is right in front of you. Losing to Pittsburgh was one thing. But losing 43-20 to a mediocre Dallas Cowboys team that deserves nothing more than the laughter of the masses is beyond humiliating. Stafford’s numbers alone should warrant the return of the future all star who was showing out during preseason.

Stafford’s 162 yards on 13 completions in 22 attempts should provoke plenty of pause in the organization. The fact that your running game is obsolete even with end arounds and a pair of decent (at best) running backs should tell you that something is not clicking with this offense.

For your defense to be trying their best to keep the offense in the game, only to have them not even try to move the ball downfield, should give you notice that it’s time. These are not the Rams that won the Super Bowl two years ago. In fact, they are a team that belongs in the annals of mediocrity. And while Aaron Donald woke up to get the pair of sacks he got, he still couldn’t help the offense to get some much need yards on offense.

The only true bright spot of this game was Lucas Havrisik making his debut and being perfect on field goals (take notes Brett Maher). While the blocked punt rocked the team, it was allowing the Cowboys to get a return to go with the safety that was capitalized with a touchdown. 

The bottom line of all this is that legit Rams fans are irate at the team that is being put out on the field is the worst team to be on the field. This would explain why they are the recipients of the Fignuts Award for Week 8 by Team Collision. If you need someone to tell you that this team is trash, allow me to translate it for you: your offensive line is garbage, your offense is making arguably one of the best wide receiving corps in the league look like the stunt doubles for Little Giants.

The defense is doing too much work for very little offensive results and one of the biggest reasons as to why they look this way is that Matthew Stafford is spending more time making out with the ground than executing plays.

There was a saying that goes, “No intensity, no victory.” The question all Rams fans have is where is the intensity on this team. It was one thing when they were actually showing something on the field, but to lose by 23 to the Cowboys? Kelly Stafford should just make Matthew sleep on the couch until he decides to retire. In fact, Sean McVay should sleep on the couch until you guys make the call that needs to happen. 

In the simplest of terms: The Rams need to tell Stetson Bennett to get off whatever horse he’s on and earn his paycheck. The fact that this kid showed promise in the preseason but has been put on hiatus since the season started is laughable. Forget the off the field BS and call him back to do his job. But that will not happen because the front office doesn’t have the stones to make a move that makes sense. So the Rams will have to relegate themselves to competing for the top spot in the draft rather than a playoff spot because they haven’t really done anything worthy of mentioning.

Do you feel as embarrassed as Rams fans do yet? You should. The one difference between Rams fans and Cowboys fans was the fact that we actually have won a few Super Bowls (even appeared in some) in this century. But on a brisk Sunday morning in October, your front office chose to give its fans more tricks than treats, and on behalf of those fans, I can tell you that we have had enough.

Now, you should feel embarrassed about the performance of your team. Now, you should feel ashamed of what you have done this season. Maybe you should have stayed in St. Louis if you wanted mediocrity. That city loves having a mediocre team.

But here, we prefer our teams like we prefer our Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Crisp, hot and satisfying. We have not gotten any of that from this team. So what excuse do you want to give us for how much this team is garbage? Because there is trash. There are dumpster fires. There are floating dumpster fires. And then there are the Lost Angeles Rams.

With the Respect You Get But Don’t Deserve,

Rams Nation

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