WAG Kelly Stafford Calls Out Lions Fans

Fans booed Kelly upon her arrival of the Lions/Rams playoff game
Hubby plays QB for Rams, including winning a Super Bowl
Matt Stafford was previously the franchise QB of the Lions

By Bear Acuda

WAGs do as WAGs do, and WAG Kelly Stafford is no exception. Let’s just say the wife of superstar quarterback Matthew Stafford is not new to controversy.

Once upon a time, Stafford belted a fan with a pretzel; history now remembers this event as “Pretzelgate”.  Early this season, Mrs. Matthew Stafford drew headlines once again; this time after blaming the youth of the Rams for their losses, citing a lack of the younger players’ inability to connect with her husband.

The outspoken NFL WAG is at it again, this time taking on the fanbase of her husband’s old team, the Detroit Lions.

Stafford admits being quick judgment, now recognizes booes were intended for her, not her kids

Kelly Stafford has been vocal on social media about a recent incident involving her family at a Lions game. Initially, she shared with her followers that Lions fans had booed her daughters as they walked onto the field before the Rams SNF playoff game against the Lions.

However, skepticism arose online regarding the likelihood of fans booing young children. Kelly later clarified in an Instagram Story post on Thursday night that it was actually her the fans were booing, not her daughters.


In her post, Kelly expressed her reluctance to share the video of the incident, acknowledging that while she understood the booing was directed at her, her children couldn’t discern the difference. She attempted to explain to her children that the booing was aimed at her, due to her husband’s history with the team and the nature of sports fandom.

Kelly also addressed the Lions fans directly, expressing frustration over her integrity being questioned and urging everyone to move past the incident. She suggested that although the booing was intended for her, her children might have felt it was directed at them, leading to a misunderstanding of the situation.

The NFL WAG’s approach to the incident reflects her strong personality and willingness to engage in conflicts. As I mentioned before, this is not her first rodeo at the stadium of controversy. It was only two seasons ago when Kelly was booted from Levi’s Stadium (home of the San Francisco 49ers) for chucking a pretzel at a fan.

In her defense, Niners fans are quite obnoxious, and I wouldn’t mind pelting a few of my friends in the head with a baked good from time-to-time.


Still, her relationship with Detroit is complex. Despite her combative nature, she has expressed fondness for the city where her children were born and where she and Matthew built their life together, leaving Georgia for Detroit after he was drafted #1 overall in the 2009 NFL Draft. Kelly’s attitude mirrors the tough, no-nonsense spirit often associated with Detroit, despite her affluent lifestyle.

The incident at the Lions game, where she brought her daughters into a potentially hostile environment, knowing the likelihood of being booed, has been seen by some as a misstep by Kelly. While she may find vindication in the future, particularly if the Lions retire Matthew’s number, this particular episode does not wear well on the former Lions WAG.

Detroit fans are no longer under scrutiny for the incident, as it became clear that it was a misunderstanding during an emotional & complex situation.

Were Lions fans wrong for booing Mrs. Stafford with her kids present, or is it part of being a high-profile, long-term WAG?

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