Travis Kelce Talks Up George Kittle Ahead Of The Super Bowl

By CJ Carlson

Travis Kelce took to the podium and faced questions about Georgee Kittle, with the two of them competing against one another in the Super Bowl. Due to both of them being among the best tight ends in the league, it would be fair to wonder if there was some competition or bad blood brewing. That is the furthest thing from reality though.

Travis Kelce Has Nothing But Respect

Kelce was asked about Kittle, to which he said, “He’s the best tight end in the league. He’s been playing lights out, playing the best football of his career and really catapulting that San Fran team through the playoffs, man. And I couldn’t be more proud of him and couldn’t be more honored to go up against George in another Super Bowl. Can’t say enough things about who he is as a guy, who his family is, can’t say a bad thing about him.” Kelce won’t be sharing the field at the same time as Kittle, though the rest of their respective teams will see them an awful lot this coming Sunday.

Kittle Is A Tremendous Talent For The 49ers

On the surface, it feels like Kelce is simply just saying that to be a great friend. After all, there are many that think Kelce is the greatest tight end to ever play in the NFL. Kittle, however, has great numbers of his own. He snagged 65 receptions for 1,020 yards in 16 games along with six touchdowns. He was named First-Team All-Pro for the second time in his career and earned a fifth Pro Bowl selection. Over the course of his career, Kittle’s notched three 1,000-yard seasons, but arguably his biggest impact comes in the areas outside of the stat sheet. Kittle is probably the best blocking tight end that the league has seen in quite some time. Not only that, but he also loves blocking and pancaking defensive lineman. That’s an area that we rarely even see Kelce get into all that much, it’s why some think Kittle is better than Kelce overall.

Meanwhile, Kelce had 93 receptions for 984 yards and five touchdowns in 16 games of his own. He picked up the ninth Pro Bowl selection of his career as well. The difference is that he’s had seven consecutive 1,000-yard seasons before his streak was snapped this year, and he’s racked up a few Super Bowl rings already. Whereas Kittle has yet to earn one of his own. There’s no question that it’ll be a joy watching two of the best tight ends in the league go at it, when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas. 

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