Tommy DeVito Wins Third Straight Game


By CJ Carlson

Tommy DeVito And New York Giants Win Third Straight

Tommy DeVito continues to shock the NFL world. The undrafted quarterback stepped into the starting role following injuries to Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor, and right now he’s running away with the job. DeVito has since helped the team win three straight games, and the players around him have rallied behind what he brings to the table.

Arguably the most shocking part about the Tommy DeVito story came in an interview shortly after he received the starting honors for the Giants. He revealed that he still lives with his parents and that his mom makes incredible chicken cutlets. This story went viral immediately and got him the nickname Tommy Cutlets from the majority of his teammates.

On top of that, he and his family hit headlines for being Italian, with DeVito using that to come out with a hilarious celebration that everybody has fallen in love with. To see an undrafted rookie like him take a struggling team and will them to three straight wins is incredibly surprising. However, his most recent performance might have been his best yet.

The Giants were underdogs against the Green Bay Packers, and it didn’t matter. Green Bay had just beaten the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, but DeVito and company weren’t afraid. They took the fight straight to them and came away with the win. The stats don’t exactly show his excellence, as he completed 17 out of his 21 passes for 158 yards and a touchdown alongside 71 rushing yards. It was the poise and the moxie he displayed on the field that really set him apart, and it resulted in a clutch 57-yard drive that set up the game winning field goal at the end of regulation.

Tommy DeVito

Tommy DeVito Is Making History

Reporters caught up with the team’s head coach Brian Daboll and asked him about DeVito’s poise in the pocket and his ability to get the job done in the clutch. Daboll said, “Yeah, you don’t have to worry about that. He keeps his composure. There’s really nothing. Here’s a couple of plays we like. Go out there and rip that son of a b****. Pretty simple.” Thanks to the most recent victory, DeVito tied the record for most wins by a rookie undrafted quarterback in the league’s common draft era after his second straight win. This win over the Packers now gives him the first three game winning streak ever by a quarterback in his situation. 

Daboll continued on DeVito, “I think he’s a young player that’s doing the right things. Making the most of his opportunity. Earned the right to play today, and he earned the right to play next week. Kid’s done a good job.” The season might be over for the Giants sitting at a 5-8 record and in third place of their division, but this has sparked some hope in what’s been a disastrous season otherwise for New York.

DeVito doesn’t care about the team’s current record or their potential to make the playoffs. He said, “I think in every game we’ve played this year, we showed that we never gave up on any snap, no matter what the score was. Never looked up at the scoreboard. Just kept on fighting each and every play, each and every game. And it’s starting to come to fruition with these games in the past now, and just going to keep trying to go 1-0 each week.”

Big Opportunity Awaits

There might be plenty of fans that are waiting for the DeVito hype train to end, similar to what happened to Joshua Dobbs on the Minnesota Vikings. However, DeVito keeps ripping off wins to make this Giants team fun to watch again. Unfortunately, the end of the season isn’t easy for DeVito and company. They meet the New Orleans Saints next week, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, then the Los Angeles Rams, and end the year with ANOTHER meeting with the Eagles.

If DeVito finds a way to win just two of these four games, there’d be a genuine conversation over whether or not he starts next season over Daniel Jones when he’s fully healthy. Even now you can make that argument. This is a big stretch for this team. 

Tommy DeVito

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