The List of Collision Week 3 Edition

By Ron Johnson

Yes, we are a little behind on our unveilings. We are slow to print this time around. It took us a little bit to get these list to those who chose to read….

…Unless you actually watch The Aftermath, that is.

After another crazy week that saw scores that rivaled players of Madden, The Captain, Rockin’ Reese and Donn Wann joined up on the most recent NFL Aftermath to deliver yet another List of Collision. Clearly, the NFL, ESPN and even Yahoo have shown bias towards one franchise or another, and because of this bias, many wonder what normal, everyday, die-hard football fans think. 

So we decided to give it to them. 

32/Fignuts Award Recipient): Denver (RR: Dallas/DW: Denver)

Giving up 70 points on offense is embarrassing enough. But the fact that Vance Joseph was not called out for his lackluster defense should give the Broncos pause of keeping him after this season is over. As for Dallas, we’ll get to them later on in the countdown.

31) Washington (RR: Washington/DW: Chicago)

The Commanders had massive problems with the Bills this week, and with the Eagles on the horizon, it is safe to say that this team should be 2-2 by Thursday when they face the lowly Bears.

30) Las Vegas (RR: Tennessee/DW: Vegas)

The loss of Jimmy G was shown in dividends in their matchup with the Steelers. The fact that they lost to Kenny Pickett should have been enough to give Josh McDaniels the boot.

29) Tennessee (RR: Atlanta/DW: Tennessee)

The Titans looked lost against Cleveland, and the Browns took advantage of it. Derrick Henry was MIA in this game, and it showed as Tennessee didn’t even get a touchdown in this game.

28) Jacksonville (RR: Chicago/DW: Minnesota)

The Jags found themselves on the losing end to a phenomenal performance from CJ Stroud and the Texans. Whatever is going on with this offense, they better figure out before they head to London to face the Falcons.

27) NY Jets (RR: NY Jets/DW: NY Jets)

How bad is it for the Jets? One of their fans almost lost his dentures chewing them out. Now they got the Chiefs on Sunday night along with Taylor Swift AND Aaron Rodgers in attendance.

26) NY Giants (RR: Tampa Bay/DW: NY Giants)

This team went from a postseason threat last year back to a laughing stock this year. What are the odds that they get it right before Seattle visits on Monday night?

25) Chicago (RR: NY Giants/DW: Washington)

The Bears got owned and embarrassed by the defending champs on Sunday afternoon. If there was a time for them to feel good, it will be Sunday against the Broncos right???

24) LA Rams (RR: LA Rams/DW: Cincinnati)

The Rams could not capitalize on third downs or in the red zone. Throw in the number of times Matthew Stafford was on the ground and the turnovers, and it’s safe to say that LA is in trouble. Maybe they’ll turn it around in Indy. Maybe.

23) New Orleans (RR: Jacksonville/DW: Jacksonville)

The Saints managed to shoot themselves in the foot after giving up a 17-point lead to the Packers. What is even worse for them? Carr went down, and they lost the game.

22) Atlanta (RR: New Orleans/DW: Atlanta)

The Falcons must have left their offense at home because they had zero offense in Detroit. The Lions showed their true grit and added more kneecaps to their fridge.

21) Carolina (RR: Vegas/DW: Arizona)

The Panthers made it fight with Andy Dalton under center. But Geno Smith has found his rhythm. Will Carolina win at least one game this season???

20) Dallas (RR: Baltimore/DW: Indianapolis)

The smugness of the Cowboys was on full display after Micah Parsons spent more time trashing reporters than preparing for their game against Arizona. Because of this, the Cowboys suffered another shocking upset at the hands of the Cardinals.

19) Baltimore (RR: Denver/DW: LA Chargers)

It is hard to imagine Justin Tucker missing kicks. It is even harder to realize that Gardner Minshew was able to get another win as a starter. But the Colts are riding high and preparing for a showdown with the Rams on Sunday.

18) Minnesota (RR: Minnesota/DW: Carolina)

You want to feel bad for Kirk Cousins. But then you remember that the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl under the exact same circumstances. But then again, this is exactly how last season started for them too.

17) Pittsburgh (RR: Carolina/DW: Houston)

The Steelers got themselves a win over the lowly Raiders. But is that win enough to convince Steelers fans that Kenny Pickett is the future of the team?

16) Cincinnati (RR: New England/DW: New England)

The Bengals finally got their first win of the season. It is just too bad that it was not because of the Burrow-Chase connection. Is the dominance of Cincy finally over in the AFC North?

15) LA Chargers (RR: Green Bay/DW: New Orleans)

The Chargers utilized their defense to get their first win of the season against Minnesota. But Brandon Staley will remain on the hotseat for the remainder of the season. Honestly, he should have been fired after last year.

14) New England (RR: Cincinnati/DW: Pittsburgh)

The Patriots are not the team of old anymore. Surviving a battle with the Jets who don’t have Rodgers at QB should be enough proof to show that it’s all over but the crying for the Pats.

13) Indianapolis (RR: Detroit/DW: Green Bay)

The Colts outlasted the Ravens in overtime. Plus, they get Anthony Richardson back next week just in time to face a Rams team that still doesn’t have it figured out.

12) Houston (RR: Indianapolis/DW: Dallas)

Houston is in a place they haven’t seen since the departure of Deshaun Watson: First. Now the question becomes how long they will stay there.

11) Tampa Bay (RR: Pittsburgh/DW: Seattle)

The Buccaneers got slightly exposed on Monday night by the Eagles. But Baker and Co. will have a chance to redeem themselves when they visit their old friend, Jameis Winston, and the Saints on Sunday.

10) Cleveland (RR: Philadelphia/DW: LA Rams)

The Browns are riding high at the moment, but losing Deshaun Watson may be detrimental to their chances of owning the AFC North. But they got the win today, so they’re feeling good.

9) Seattle (RR: Cleveland/DW: Baltimore)

After losing their opener to the Rams, the Seahawks have been on a tear. Will that tear continue Monday night against the Giants? There is a possibility.

8) San Francisco (RR: Arizona/DW: Tampa Bay)

The Niners waited until the second half to flex their muscles. They will need to step it up against the Cardinals as they prepare for the showdown in Big D against the Cowboys.

7) Buffalo (RR: LA Chargers/DW: Cleveland)

The Bills found their identity again and took out their frustrations on the Commanders in impressive fashion. Will they keep this up against a team that just scored 70 points on offense??

6) Green Bay (RR: Green Bay/DW: Detroit)

Jordan Love won his debut in impressive fashion as the Packers came back from 17 down to win it in the final stretch. Will this momentum keep up when they welcome Detroit to Titletown?

5) Philadelphia (RR: Seattle/DW: Buffalo)

The Eagles are still trying to get their identity back, but as long as they are winning, they are ok in some cases. We’ll see how this works Sunday against division foe Washington.

4) Detroit (RR: Philadelphia/DW: Miami)

The Lions are red hot, and they are looking to add another team to that list of kneecap orders. After a big win this week, can they repeat it in Green Bay against the Packers?

This Week’s Champions

3/Universal Champion) Kansas City (RR: Buffalo/DW: Philadelphia)

Several questions were answered in their game against Chicago as the offense woke up. It also helps that Taylor Swift was in town which appeared to be motivation for Travis Kelce and the Chiefs offense.

2/World Champion) Arizona (RR: Kansas City/DW: Kansas City)

The Cardinals finally know what a win feels like as they got their biggest win of the year at a familiar foe’s expense. They handed Dallas their first loss, but will they do it against San Francisco?

1/Broken Skull Champion) Miami (RR: Miami/DW: San Francisco)

Anytime you put up 70 points, you have earned the top spot. But when your offense puts up 70 points, you’ll feel like you’re playing Madden. On this day, the Dolphins showed that they were the ones that are UNLIMITED. But will this same mojo keep up when they travel to Buffalo to face the Bills?

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