Texans Week 4 Recap: Those pesky Texans won again! 


By PlayActionReal

Texans 30 – Steelers 6

Your boy is back with another Texans game analysis as I saw it. The Texans wore their battle red jerseys with the red helmets. I always think that looks is cool. In Texans world, two wins in a row is considered a winning streak.  Dameon Pierce showed up today. At halftime they honored JJ Watt with the Texans Ring of Honor. 

Speaking of Watt. JJ’s brother TJ made his presence felt only in the first quarter. The Texans offense showed they could keep Watt away from C.J. Stroud even with a depleted offensive line. On the Texans first drive Pierce used his legs for an 11-yard gain. Now the Texans running back is looking like last year’s Pierce. The offense looked good on that drive. Tank Dell had a nice end around for a good gain. After the Texans stuttered with a few penalties, CJ Stroud threw a touchdown pass to his favorite target all day, Nico Collins. 


So now it’s Pittsburgh’s turn. I noticed Kenny Pickett prefers to throw to the right side mostly and they did try to establish the run. Harris had some nice runs on that drive. The drive stalled after the 35-year-old Jerry Hughes sacked Pickett for an 8-yard loss. The next play Pickett throws an interception to safety Steven Nelson. The whole game the Texans safeties looked excellent. They locked down that whole right side of the field and made it hard for Pickett to get any momentum.

On the Texans next drive Pierce again looking like last year’s Pierce with a 9-yard gain. They did settle for a field goal on that drive, but I noticed CJ Stroud was looking pretty mature. He decided to throw the ball away wisely. Now back on defense the Texans shut down Pittsburgh on their second drive only allowing two yards.

Now we go to the second quarter and with their first drive of the second quarter of the Texans continue to run the ball and also sprinkle a few passes around. CJ passes to Dalton Schultz for a 29-yard gain. It set up another field goal with 12 minutes left in the second quarter. It’s now 13-0 Texans. With Pittsburgh’s third drive, they tackled Pickett for a loss. The Texans defense is looking good with another three and out. 

On the Texans next drive they went for it on 4th and one and didn’t convert. I noticed CJ continues to throw the ball to Nico Collins. Nico seems to be CJ’s favorite target this year. Isn’t it ironic that you have a quarterback from Ohio State passing to Collins a Wolverine? After that, both teams traded punts but on the Texans 6 drive of the day. CJ hits Collins with a 42-yard gain with 22 seconds left in the second quarter.

CJ follows that up with a 15-yard pass to Nico and they spike it with 11 seconds left in the half . The Texans kicked another field goal and now it’s, 16-0 at the half. Did you know that the Pittsburgh Steelers have not been blanked in the first half in 22 games? Remember, I’m still not getting overconfident knowing how the Texans have done me in the past.

The Steelers get the ball to start the second half and just like I thought Harris comes out hot. I knew they would adjust to the Texans defense. That Texans secondary seemed to impress me all day today though. They shut them down on that drive and Pittsburgh settled for a field goal. 3-16 with over 9 minutes left in the third quarter.

With the Texans first drive of the second half they stalled out. CJ was called for an intentional grounding and they ended up punting so now I’m a little bit worried. The Steelers get the ball back and managed another field goal. Late 3rd quarter and it’s 6-16.

The Texans second drive of the half ended up in a punt, but after Pittsburgh takes over, Harris kept running the ball. The Texans defense did well containing Harris for the most part. On that drive Pickett ends up fumbling the ball and recovers it for a loss. After that Pickett threw a nice pass over the middle to his wide receiver Pickens for 17 yards.

Like I said I’m worried it’s 4th and one and you know the Steelers are going to go for it. But on that 4th down play, in comes Jonathan Greenard with a QB sack for a 9 yard loss. Unfortunately for the Steelers Kenny Pickett got knocked out for the game. Can you say a Trubisky? 

Before we could see Trubisky in for the injured Pickett, I got to see the Texans drive down the field. With a little bit of Pierce and a little bit of Nico Collins, the Texans started the fourth quarter with a nice pass from CJ to Nico for 14 yards. In the offseason the Texans picked up the former Buffalo Bill from Florida Atlantic Devin Singletary.


With Singletary, the Texans tried a little trickery they tossed the ball to Singletary in the backfield and he threw a touchdown pass to Dalton Schultz. That being the first touchdown with Shultz’s new team. 6-23 with over 10 minutes left in the fourth. 

I thought Trubisky might be better than Pickett, considering how Kenny played today. The Texans defense dominated Pittsburgh in every way. The Steelers just couldn’t get any momentum on offense. The Texans got the ball back on a punt and had another impressive drive. CJ Stroud connected with Robert woods for 13 yards and they kept the Steelers honest with the running game. It was nice to see because this whole year they didn’t look good running the ball.

On that very drive, CJ connects with Nico Collins again this time for a 52-yard touchdown. Celebration time? Indeed it was. The Texans held on with their second win of the year. Texans 30 Steelers 6. 

There were a few things that I took away from the Texans today. Demeco Ryans brought over a veteran presence in safety Jimmy Ward. He helps with his wisdom because there’s a lot of young guys back there. The Texans had good tempo most of the game. It was good to see the running game back in action. Don’t forget, CJ Stroud hasn’t thrown an interception all year.

He looked like a veteran at times. Stroud had 306 yards and two touchdowns. We out rushed the Steelers which surprised me and our running attack averaged over 10 yards a carry as a team. 

Next week my Texans travel to Atlanta after the Jags beat them in London. My confidence is building with this team. Demeco Ryans is coaching the defense and it shows. Let’s keep up that momentum! Go Texans! Enjoy the games everyone.

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