Texans Post Game Analysis: Week 1


By PlayActionReal

Happy week one everyone, it’s your boy PlayActionReal. I proclaim myself a Houston Texans apologist. Here is my take on week one for the Texans.

Texans: Week 1 Recap

If you didn’t watch the game (we don’t blame you) the Texans ended up losing 9-25 which is a very unique final score in the history of the NFL. Of course the Texans didn’t expect to win. They remain winless in Baltimore all time. What the Texans fans wanted, was just what they were looking for. Young talented QB and weapons around him. 

Her comes C.J. Stroud, Tank Dell and Will Anderson Jr.. They all made their mark on this game. As Texans fans that’s a win in our world. I don’t have to remind you all of our history. 


I have to give the Ravens all the credit for being ready to play. Zay Flowers answered the call the #22 overall pick in this year’s draft, he should be the #1 WR. Lamar was his usual self and it was strangely good to see OBJ after a long time. Lastly prayers for J.K. Dobbins, it looks like he suffered a torn Achilles shutting him down for this year. 

The Texans are home next week and host the young Colts. Their new QB scares me. Anthony Richardson told everyone whatever I’ll score this TD myself screw you Johnathan Taylor!…

Everyone knows the Jaguars will win the AFC south. I’m sure next week will go down to the last possession. 

Happy week 1 Go Texans!

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