Some Media Finally Not Afraid of Upsetting ‘Swifties’, Call Taylor Swift ‘Yoko Ono’


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The trouble brewing in the court of the Chiefs Kingdom. Recently, NFL fans have lashed out at megastar Taylor Swift, drawing parallels to Yoko Ono’s reputed impact on The Beatles. The Chiefs dropped another game this past weekend (this time, to an awful division rival, the Las Vegas Raiders), and social media went in on the new power couple.

Unless you live on Mars, you have heard by now that the treasured musician has been knocking boots with Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce. For the Chiefs, and anybody playing them, the media coverage went away from the game, focusing more on the skybox in Arrowhead Stadium where Swift and her new gal pals (like Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Chiefs franchise QB Patrick Mahomes).

Taylor Swift

Problem was, actual football fans became annoyed by this, and even HOF announcer Al Michaels let his feelings on her presence be known (hence, him being wiped from being the broadcaster for NBC during the playoffs). That’s a story for another time. The fact of the matter is in three of the Chiefs’ last five matches that Kween Taylor attended, the Chiefs took L’s.

Accusations on X, and other social media platforms, have likened Swift to Destructor of The Beatles, Yoko Ono. Ono is most famous for her alleged role in the dismemberment of The Beatles, following her marriage to John Lennon. This comparison is circulating widely, but one individual straightforwardly was on this story weeks ago:

Our own Uncle Rico.

Taylor Swift

Unc started calling her “Taylor Ono” long before Skip Bayless (Undisputed) and Clay Travis (Outkick) had the cajones to do so, even going as far to write an article discussing her effect on the Chiefs and the NFL. Now, I’m not trying to throw shade at these two media titan’s of industry; I appreciate both their works. What I am doing is making sure my boy gets his due credit. 

While everyone was afraid to say anything that could upset the Swifties Mafia (*see unstable fans of female musicians; similar to the BeyHive), it was Unc who had the brass to call a spade a spade, and it was Bleacher Brothers who’ve been unafraid to print the truth (even when it hurts). Media executives have been so afraid of backlash from a bunch of miserable women online, that they allowed the mere thought of being bullied by them, or bad PR, dissuade them from a great comedy bit.

To clarify for my demographic (Gen Z), Yoko Ono is often controversially held responsible for the split of The Beatles after her relationship with John Lennon. John Lennon was the frontman of the band, and eventually left to do his own thing (well, left with Yoko in hand).

Taylor Swift

As I mentioned before, sports commentators are now, finally, joining in on the bit.. Skip Bayless, after a recent game, questioned if Swift’s attendance was affecting the team, calling her a “distraction”.

Swift, a Grammy Award winner, has been seen at eight Chiefs games this season. Her first appearance was on September 24, seated next to Kelce’s mother, Donna. She also attended a game with celebrities Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman. Most recently, she was present at a Christmas Day game where the Chiefs were defeated by the Raiders.

Amid this criticism, Swift’s fan base, the Swifties, have risen in her defense (no shocker there) highlighting the absurdity of the comparison with Ono. They emphasize that blaming women for the shortcomings of male athletes is unfair and baseless, citing similar instances involving Jessica Simpson, Giselle Bündchen, and Ciara.

Despite the backlash from NFL fans, Swift remains unfazed. In an interview with Time, she expressed her unawareness of being filmed during games, noting her primary intention is to support Kelce. She conveyed her indifference to potentially irking some fans, stating her focus is solely on supporting her partner and the team, and I whole-heartedly believe her.

Taylor Swift

I’m not as much of an ass as my guy Uncle Rico. Dude can be a cold-hearted snake with his bedside manner when spitting hot truths. Most of the time, I agree with him, but I don’t think Swift is the Yoko in this situation; it’s more like her fans & the businesses linked to the NFL who want to capitalize on this new surge of female fans. They are the ones making a mess of all this.

And the irony is, while they are cheering on Taylor to find her “Love Story”, they are the one’s single-handedly invading her privacy (and potentially ruining another relationship for her), by being so thirsty for consuming anything Taylor-related, that now, she can’t even attend a football game without being a non-participating “distraction”.

Personally, I’m hoping for the best for Taylor. I think everybody should have a chance at love, and more importantly, I think everybody should have a chance to not have their love story ruined by outsiders who don’t know a damn thing about either of the people. Now, she did choose this life of fame and fortune, and by now, understands all that comes with it. Though, it is a shame that a girl can’t go watch her guy play without being blamed for the loss.

Taylor Swift

Hell, now I’m a cog in the wheel of exploitation. By writing this piece, I have just added myself to the poachers of Taylor Swift consumerism, or TS Economics. But I’m a little gossipy biatch anyways, so screw it.

How tired are you of hearing about Taylor Swift & the Kansas City Chiefs?

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