Run It Back: NFL News

By Ron Johnson

Usually, I’d have quick quip to dish, but this one writes itself. Here is the rundown of the topics that are making news heading into Week 15.

Honeymoon Over? Did Aaron Screw Up Again? 

Aaron Rodgers has been the quarterback for the New York Jets…for less than 20 minutes. He has played one series with the Jets since joining them prior to the season. Then he tore his Achilles and vowed to return to the field around his birthday. 

His birthday was 10 days ago, and Rodgers has already made himself look like a fool.

But he has also made himself look like the same diva that he was in his final stretch with Green Bay. Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show last week, Rodgers had the audacity to call his new franchise a bunch of ‘chicken sh*ts’ due to a source within the organization stating that backup quarterback Zack Wilson being reluctant to play again due to a perceived injury risk.

While Rodgers is determined to have the spotlight at all costs, he is on the sideline, not in the game. The main reason for his signing with the Jets was to provide them with a chance to be in the playoffs. Considering the Jets are currently 5-8 after a shocking upset of the red-hot Texans last week, the playoffs do not appear to be in their future. But that has not stopped Rodgers from blasting his new franchise about supposed leaks…kind of like the leaks he spewed out in his final season in Green Bay.

One can understand Rodgers defending Wilson’s concern of injury, but had he just defended Wilson and not take a shot at the very team that sold the farm to get him out of Wisconsin and into New York, this would not be an issue right now. 

But then again, it’s Aaron Rodgers. Should we be really surprised by his stupidity?

The Refs Aren’t Alright

In several games this past week, the refs played a major role in the outcome of several games, including Buffalo against KC. While the NFL has made it clear that any NFL player can and will be fined for trashing the officiating in any game, their stranglehold on this rule only applies to their players.

I am not an NFL player.

After viewing the footage of the supposed offside that costs the Chiefs a chance to take the lead and possibly the win last Sunday, someone needs to hold the zebras accountable for their stupidity as well. The officiating this season has been horrendously garbage at best. If these are the refs that are going to determine the playoffs, they are idiots and deserve such treatment from everyone.

No one cares how hard their job is. Let’s make that clear. Their job is not as hard as the ones actually playing the game, and the fact that they blew calls in almost every single game this past week, I don’t want to hear anything about sympathy for them. Mahomes has a legit reason to be angry, as does the Rams. Micah Parsons? Not so much.

Thanks, but no Thanks

In a not-so-surprising move, Al Michaels declined to accept an invitation from NBC to call any games on their upcoming playoff schedule. Michaels left the broadcast giant last year to join Amazon’s Prime Football slate alongside Kirk Herbstreit.

While NBC has said they’d rather have Noah Eagle, son of Ian Eagle, Todd Blackledge and Kathryn Tappen of NHL on NBC fame, we all know that if you are trying to draw in audiences, you want the best. 

And Michaels is one of the best and has been for years.

NBC will have the call on four playoff games next month, including three under the Sunday Night Football banner. So while we will have to suffer through the non-comedic stylings of Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth and Carrie Underwood, we are at least assured that the college football broadcast team of Eagle, Blackledge and Tappen will keep us entertained.

And while NBC says it passed on Michaels, it is safe to say that Michaels passed on them.

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