Packers Report – Week 8: Penalties And Injuries Coming Back From A Bye Week.


By The PenguinAz

Packers Report Week 8

Whad Up…..Not to many of those with The Packers coming back from a bye week traveling to Empower Field at Mile High. The offense would continue to struggle with Love at the helm. Mind you add some injuries and penalties to not help muster up a W.

The injury report would be as follows for game time. Out of the 9 listed questionable players on the injury report, 7 of those players were active but after this game some would be returning and new players going back to the injury/pup list. But #33 “Mr. Sombrero” Aaron Jones who was inactive since his week 1 injury against those “D Bears” still SUCK was the main topic of conversation returning to the field of play. 

The game started with The Pack kicking off to those Mustangs…..Oh wait Broncos. #3 Russell “No Longer Cooking” Wilson would lead on 4 out of 5 pass attempts to a 32 yard field goal and leave 8:27 on the clock for the 1st quarter. The green and gold defense with #52 Rashan “Bane” Gary and #91 Preston “The Executioner” Smith. Also can’t forget about my favorite player on defense out of UCLA aka Bruin #97 Kenny Clark being the anchor holds the Broncos to 3.

3-0 would  remain the score after the Packers 1st drive. Now on the other hand the Packers offense would not miss a beat with their offensive struggles, as Jordan “One” Love at QB and Matt “Offensive Coordinator” LaFleur. The Cheeseheads would punt on their 1st drive with #33 Jones running for 1 yard and  #10 Love throwing to Dillon on a 6 yard gain but not enough for a 1st down. PUNT ensued.


Both teams would trade punts on their second drive. The Broncos would once again get within field goal range on drive #3. The Packers would start their yellow flag party as Clark had a defensive holding on 1st down starting the orange and blue drive. A mix of #33 Javonte Williams and #14 Courtland Sutton would help muster another FG and make the score 6-0. Oh….the injury bug would make an appearance as #95 Devonte Wyatt remained on the field eventually being done for the day on a knee injury.

Now with a punt on the Packers last drive, the family decided as a whole to visit the great PlayActionReal’s house to enjoy the game amongst great friends. I didn’t miss much on their 3rd drive as it soon was punting time again. But you did hear a few bottle caps going off.

The Broncos started drive 4 and yes you might have guessed it. Another injury on Joe Barry’s defense came about as #26 Darnell Savage the Terrapin (MD) walked off the field with a calf injury. The punt by the team in blue and orange would soften the injury blow. The Packers would continue to struggle on offense as the rookie #17 Anders Carlson missed a FG to keep the score 6-0.

Once again the kicker for the Broncos #16 Wil Lutz would add a FG to make it 9-0 closing out the 1st half. 

The 2nd half started and The Packers offense chugged along with Jones, Dillon and Doubs all contributing for a Carlson field goal and finally get on the scoreboard 3-9. Carlson would redeem himself on the missed field goal in the 1st half. Oh yeah can’t forget another injury would pile on the cheese mound with center #71 Josh Myers heading to the blue tent.

R. Wilson along with a strong dosage of Williams and passes to Sutton, one for a TD would make the score 16-3. Of course the Packers would get a few yellow flying objects, 1 for holding on #34 Jonathan Owens and 2nd for a false start. Now it was the Packers turn to score.

#9 Christian Watson along with the workhorses Aj Dillion and Sombrero Jones helped reply with a TD as well. The TD pass went to a NV Wolfpack #87 Romeo Doubs in tight coverage against #2 Pat Surtain II. The score became 10-16 Broncos leading into the final drives of the game.

The Broncos stalled for a punt on the 7th drive yet the Packers once again scored a touchdown. #88 Luke Musgrave would take a torpedo shot from #22 Kareem Jackson sending him to the showers early. Now Dillion would continue pounding the rock but Love would scramble for 11 yards and claim a 1st down to continue the drive. 9:17 left in the game and Broncos burn a timeout but again a yellow flag on #81 J. Deguara was a false start. 3 and 7 would have Jones catching a pass for 5 yards.

A pass to rising star in the Packers receiving core #11 Jayden Reed,  would seal another touchdown for the Packers which would be the last score for the melting cheeseheads. 17-16 The Packers taking the lead for the first time and Love end the day with 2 TD passes. 

The Broncos on the next drive with help from #10 Jerry Jeudy got their kicker within range for a score of 19-17. Love on the next and final drive would get “No Love” from the Broncos defense to cause the 1st turnover of the game. It was the seal of the game to make the losing streak after a bye week continue for the Green and Stinky Gold Packers.

The offense continues to struggle even though this was the first game the Packers were not shut out in the 1st half. The defense is still like swiss cheese as it seems at times they can’t even stop a high school running game. Will the return to The Frozen Tundra Lambeau Field as they host the ViQueens produce a Win. We shall see. Stay Tuned and as always Go Pack Go, Go Pack Go!!!!

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