New Jersey Political Power Broker Gets Kicked Out of The Linc For Draping Israeli Flag in Suite; When Did The Birds Move To Berlin?


Published by: Bear Acuda

Israeli Flag — Not at Lincoln Financial Field

During the Philadelphia Eagles game against the Dallas Cowboys, New Jersey’s influential Democratic figure George Norcross was booted from Lincoln Financial Field following a dispute with security personnel after Norcross made a public display of support for Israel instead of Hamas (the terrorist group who bragged about putting Jewish babies in ovens, cooking them alive while their mothers were tortured by listening.

The incident, which was captured on video and shared online, involved a confrontation regarding a dual American-Israeli flag Norcross displayed from the ledge of Norcross’ private box in a show of solidarity with Israel. For doing so, Norcross was escorted out. But one must ask, would the outcome have been the same if Norcross had hung a Palestinian flag?

Israeli Flag

This stance is currently a big NO-NO amongst many Democrats, with tons of ignorant wokesters & hardcore Biden voters joining protests to profess their support for Gaza & Palestine, but quickly devolving into outright anti-semetic violence in support of Hamas. Screaming “Hamas is Palestine” & “to the river to the sea” (a reference to the complete annihilation of the Jewish population by pushing them into the body of water on Israel’s western border.

With all the “MAGA White Supremacist” & “MAGA Extremists” & “Domestic Terrorists” rhetoric POTUS shouts down at Republicans, one would think that these rallies would consist of hardcore Trump voters and “Insurrectionists,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Now, this is not to ignore the anti-semitism that made headlines during Trump’s time in office (think Charlottesville) because there was plenty to go around. After Trump’s election into the White House, a massive surge of anti-semetic hate groups & hate crimes shot up, statistically speaking. It uncovered a dark spot on the Klan robes of the new “Alt-Right” party, even if the majority of Republicans did not hang out on chat rooms like Discord nor subscribe to the same sort of hate inducing vitriol.

Personally, I had hoped that these embarrassing choices by some supporters of the extreme conservative movement would mark the worst of what we Americans would have to live through.

Then the terrorist attacks by Hamas on the Israeli people happened.

And the sane few on the left would have to watch their party devolve into the same hateful, violent “domestic terrorists” that they claimed to be fighting against. A party celebrating the massacre of over 1,400 citizens of Israel; many who were children, young women (for breeding purposes), and yes, Jews. 

The last time the world saw such a unified celebration of Jewish heritage was in Nazi Germany during World War II, and we all remember their “Final Solution.” But America was very different back then. 

At no time in AMERICAN HISTORY have we seen the types of numbers with coordinated nationwide rallies (+20 on any given weekend since Oct. 7) , holding thousands of voters from one party, to, in fact, applaud the efforts of a known terrorist organization. Somehow, #freepalestine has become the new #blacklivesmatter, with all of the “usuals” showing up to celebrate; pink hair, nose rings and multiple pronouns in hand. It’s astonishing to witness the ignorance.

Here is a group of people cheering on the very same people who would persecute them, violate them, and absolutely not allow them to be 1/10 of the person they showcase on social media, nor in any other walks of life. The irony, though, has gone from entertaining to saddening to worrisome. While there are innocent civilians suffering inside Gaza (and have been for decades), they CHOSE to vote Hamas into power, overthrowing the PA or Palestinian Authority in 2007. In fact, their charter states:

“Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of PalestineFROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA,” — i.e., the annihilation of Israel…..The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them.”

This is the party voted into power inside Gaza. Sorry, but it’s a fact. So, it would be inaccurate to pretend that there isn’t a portion of the so-called “innocents” who aided and abetted Hamas in their campaign to wipe Israel off the map. This does not justify any unnecessary military attacks, nor war crimes, on the people of Gaza.

But the fact of the matter is, once again, Palestine/Gaza launched another terrorist campaign inside Israel and Israel is responding the way any nation would. We have to look at the situation as it is, not as we’d like it to be. Otherwise, we will not be able to come up with, nor support, realistic solutions.

Remember how we felt after 9/11? Multiply that anger and resolve by a factor of 10. Imagine how we would’ve felt watching citizens of other countries celebrating 9/11, burning our flag, and attacking our citizens abroad.

It would not have flown. Now, realistic temperance would have served us better back then, so I can understand some wanting Israel to resist the urge going into Gaza, guns-ablazing. But AT NO TIME would we, as a country, had put up with marches celebrating “any ISIS victory against the colonizers.” We can thank woke politics for that one. Thanks alot, BLM.

The 67-year-old Norcross, a prominent figure in New Jersey politics (known for his crucial endorsements) was recorded engaging heatedly with a member of the security team before being escorted from the premises.

An additional member of the security staff removed the flag, which featured the American flag alongside the Israeli flag, while the confrontation unfolded.

A representative for the stadium confirmed to The Post that displaying flags is against the venue’s rules, which have been in place for some time. The altercation escalated when Norcross was approached by security about the flag, leading to what the stadium representative described as aggressive verbal and physical reactions from Norcross, prompting his removal.

Lincoln Financial Field has explicit regulations regarding signage and flags, authorizing security to confiscate any materials considered potentially offensive or inappropriate. The policy specifically excludes signs, banners, or items that are obscene, irrelevant to the event, could block the view of other spectators, or are otherwise considered a danger or unsuitable by the Eagles organization.

And look, I get this. I like my sports to just be about sports. 

I could do without all the bullshit social politics that has invaded sports entertainment spaces in recent years. Forcing teams to wear kits plastered with whatever sociopolitical fad is vogue that month has become exhausting. Listening to Lewhine James scold us underlings about how we unknowingly commit human rights atrocities while he openly supports human rights atrocities (yeah, he’s a big fan of silencing critics of China).

“So many people could have been harmed, not only financially, but physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Lebron wasn’t defending the 1,000,000 victims of China’s “re-education camps.” No, no. Lebron was defending China & himself as being harmed (mostly financially, since he and the NBA have deep ties to Chinese Basketball within their “global initiative”). So when I hear Lebron scolding me for not tattooing #blacklivesmatter all over my feed, my clothes, and my body, I can’t help but laugh knowing what a hypocritical piece of shit he is. 

Whatever happened to #blm? I haven’t heard anything from them in a while.

Israeli Flag

Oh, that’s right. They’re on their way to bankruptcy

Guess that’s what happens when you’re a self-proclaimed “trained marxist” and trans activist scamming gullible white guilters and compromised minorities into believing you’re going to champion causes for the betterment of black people….and then spend $0 on any of that, in lieu of buying mansions, personal real-estate, giving baby-daddies & lil bros $1M salaries to hang out with Patrisse Cullors, and investing in trans-owned businesses (for girls/guys/not sure you are sleeping with).

Stuff you may not have heard about because, oddly enough, I couldn’t find any article on this by CNN or MSCNBC (#legacymedia) until about 25 articles down. And it was CNN reporting about the Boys Scouts of America teaming up with BLM. Absolutely nothing about their criminal enterprise.

But, unfortunately, #blm’s new political wing is aligned with ANTIFA, democrat socialists (Hi Bernie Sanders), and the #freepalestine #totherivertothesee protesters.

And while I don’t like people bringing politics with them inside stadiums, I ask the question again:

Would this have happened if the shoe was on the other foot? And where were you on 9/11.

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