Mike Vrabel Takes First Head Coaching Interview

By CJ Carlson

Mike Vrabel was a coach that many didn’t anticipate being on the open market by the end of the regular season. However, both himself and the Tennessee Titans decided to part was with one another, leaving Vrable to meet with any other team that he’d like. Since his departure, it’s been quiet on which team he’s preferring. After all, he was rumored to be in the running for the New England Patriots job before Jerod Mayo took that one. Now, he’s taken his first interview.

That interview came with the Los Angeles Chargers. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero was the first to report that Vrabel was going to be in Los Angeles to interview for the head coaching job. Vrabel spent six seasons alongside the Titans as the head coach, and in that span, he helped them make the postseason three times. Overall, he ended his tenure with a record of 54-45.

The Chargers on the other hand have struggled to remain competitive over the last six seasons. It isn’t because of a lack of talent, they have more than enough of that. The real problem appeared to be in the coaching, and the overall consistency. Former head coach Brandon Staley was fired in the middle of December after a 5-9 start to the season, one night after his defense gave up 63 points to the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel Isn’t A Lock To Go To Los Angeles

Of course, Vrabel could be a wonderful addition to this Chargers coaching staff, but the job isn’t guaranteed to him by any means. The interview was just one of the many that the Chargers franchise will be conducting over the next few weeks as they decide who’ll lead this team to a Super Bowl.

On top of that, this doesn’t even mean that the Chargers are Vrabel’s top choice either. Adam Schefter reported that both the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks are interested in working with Vrabel down the line. Interviews are likely to take place barring an immediate signing elsewhere.

While Vrabel only had a 6-11 record this season with the Titans, and a 13-21 overall record since 2022, there’s no question that he’s a top tier head coach. The Titans were a roster that was lacking talent across the board, with only a few stars to market to the fans. One of those positions that was left without a consistent playmaker was the quarterback spot.

We all know how hard it is to win games without a viable quarterback. Despite that, Vrabel still managed to be competitive in the majority of his coached games, and those postseason runs saw him have Ryan Tannehill as his team’s quarterback. 

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