Micah Parsons Hints That He Might Leave Dallas Cowboys

By CJ Carlson

Micah Parsons is one of the most electric defensive players that the league has to offer right now. The Dallas Cowboys superstar is hopeful of being on the team for the remainder of his career, but that isn’t as set in stone as fans would like. Just recently, Parsons hinted that he might leave the Cowboys in the future if his defensive coordinator isn’t around anymore.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn has been one of the hottest names on the potential head coaching market thanks to his defense being incredible the last few years. He was a former head coach in the past and had some good success with the Atlanta Falcons before getting fired. There’s no current reason to believe that he’d leave Dalas just yet, though he’s almost certainly going to take a few interviews when the Cowboys season comes to an end.

Micah Parsons

When asking Parsons about his coordinator potentially taking a head coaching job next season, he had this to say, “Dan’s my guy. And if he do leave me, it’s always love. He might take me with him, you never know.” It’s worth noting that he was laughing when he said it, but that doesn’t change the fact that all Cowboys fans had their heart skip a beat when listening to that statement. 

Micah Parsons Does Have Contract Negotiations Coming Up

Contract talks could be what he’s referring to though. Parsons is locked into his rookie deal through the 2024 campaign, and he does have a fifth-year option as well. It doesn’t even feel like it’ll be a conversation on whether or not Parsons deserves a large deal for what he’s done to the Cowboys defensive line. It’s just a matter of how much owner Jerry Jones is willing to pay. Jones has stated earlier in the year that he’s going to prioritize an extension for Parsons in the offseason. As great as that is, it won’t stop Quinn from potentially walking away and wanting to trade for his star player, to take him with him. 

Quinn has gotten interview requests from the Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, and Washington Commanders already. It just feels likely that Quinn steps away from Dallas in 2024, and Parsons knows that even with the joke. Micah said, “That’s like my OG, for real. He means a lot to me, not only cause, it’s not just about football. I think Q, we were talking today, and I was like, could you do the college thing? Cause of Saban and all of them. And he was like, yeah. And I was like, cause you’re such a great mentor. I think he does a great job finding ways for you to love the game, finding ways to go around the game.”

If Quinn didn’t have much interest as a head coach out on the market, these comments from his star player will certainly heat it up in the future. 

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