McCaffrey, Samuel, Williams reportedly could play for 49ers the week


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49ers Injury Update


The San Francisco 49ers’ offense may be intact for their matchup against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.

According to ESPN, running back Christian McCaffrey, wide receiver Deebo Samuel and offensive tackle Trent Williams may be healthy enough to play Monday night as the 49ers look to bounce back from their first defeat of the season.

McCaffrey left Sunday’s loss to the Cleveland Browns with an oblique/rib injury and underwent an MRI on Monday. Sources told Schefter that the NFL’s leading rusher’s MRI showed no serious long-term injury.

Samuel injured his shoulder early in the game and spent some time in the blue tent on the sideline in the first quarter, and the team ruled him out of the game early in the second half.

“He just took a shot on the shoulder,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday. “It didn’t look overly big or anything. It just connected right. And so it got him after that. And if you watch him like the next eight plays, you could just tell the feeling was starting to go because he couldn’t use his left arm. [He] tried to come back but just couldn’t get feeling back in it. So we had to shut him down.”

Williams sprained his ankle after a Browns player landed on the back of his leg. He sat out for a couple of plays but finished the game.

“Trent’s a very intelligent guy who is also very competitive and understands what those decisions are,” Shanahan said. “And he said he could come back. I wasn’t expecting him because of how bad the injury looked. The trainers thought that it wasn’t as serious as it looked. Trent was adamant to get back out there and then we keep our eyes on him all game. … That was a pretty courageous effort by him coming out and those circumstances, especially the player he was going against.”

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